From now on, when you visit Beliefnet, you may shop here, too. Today our virtual doors open to a virtual Beliefnet store. Please come by, browse, and tell us what you think. Help us grow this sweet little shop into a big, cheery, intriguing bazaar. And hey: it wouldn't hurt to buy something, too.

From the start, Beliefnet's founders envisioned an audacious venture.

We're making a new kind of website . . . one for the soul.

Our mission has always been to help you meet your spiritual needs. Until now, we've done so by giving you advice and information. In turn, you've begun talking to us -- and to one another. You've built new communities, you've met new friends, and you've made connections in spontaneous and unpredictable ways, especially when you've registered as Beliefnet users. Thanks to all this activity, we've garnered terrific media attention.

Now we have commerce, too -- commerce of the best kind, commerce to help you with your own quest. Faithful to our mission to set up a big tent, we'll give you lots of practical and inspirational choices.

In order to make our spiritual marketplace as useful and stimulating as possible, we seek your help. Would you visit the store? Offer suggestions? This is community-driven commerce: what would you like us to add? What have we forgotten? We welcome your tips, reviews, feedback, and criticisms. (Well, okay, frankly, we want to hear your praise, but we need your complaints, too.) When you visit the Beliefnet store, you'll see that you can buy books, audio/video tapes (including the hugely popular Veggie Tales), and other products that encourage good health and happy homes.

Among the services we'll bring you soon will be travel packages to religious and spiritually rich places. Where would you like to go, by the way? The Vatican? Jerusalem? Macchu Pichu? The Ganges? Celtic burial grounds? Take a refreshing, enlightening trip to a great spa? We'll also offer religious and spiritual products, such as books, CDs, crosses, mezuzahs, Zafu cushions, prayer rugs, Bibles, Qurans, eastern orthodox icons, and lots of holistic and traditional health products. (Sound body, sound mind, strong spirit.) Oh, by the way: check out our new look. Heeding your recommendations about how to make visiting the site easier, we've simplified the site's navigation. We have a bounty of offerings, and we wanted to make getting to them as simple and fast as we could. Look for more improvements soon.

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