Everyone recognizes the advantages of a "large print" edition of holy writ. But so far, only Tatl Itani of Plano, Texas, has capitalized on a credit card-sized version of the Koran.

Why shrink the scriptures?

"It puts the Koran in perspective," said Mr. Itani, a Plano, Texas, inventor who developed the miniature version in hopes that more Muslims would use it more often.

Itani changed the focus of his company, Dallas Signal Processing, in 1996 to making high-quality Islamic products. He also has designed an audio version of the Koran with a headset for use in mosques.

The Koran usually runs more than 400 pages. Mr. Itani's reduced version --which comes with a small magnifying glass--is not meant to be the only one Muslims own but is helpful for prayers, he told the Dallas Morning News. He has sold 200 in about six months for $40 each.

Itani's products, as well as a variety of Muslim videos, music and books, can be purchased at www.halalco.com.

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