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The following is a brief look at the content found in this PG-13 rated sci-fi film. Violence is rated as extreme due to the murderous behavior of one character who kills most of the crew while miraculously surviving and completely recovering from their attempts at killing him (that include some brief, gory/bloody wounds that quickly heal). That character obviously has a bad attitude and those and other related scenes (as accompanied by plenty of suspenseful music) might be unsettling/suspenseful to some viewers. Several sexual encounters are partially seen, with some related movement, sounds and brief nudity. Other, nonsexual nudity (breasts, male butt) is also briefly seen. Profanity is surprisingly light with 1 "s" word leading a small pack of such cuss words. Beyond that and a brief reference to a character being addicted to some sort of futuristic drug, the film's remaining categories are relatively void of any other major objectionable content. Even so, should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness, we suggest that you take a closer look at our more detailed content listings.

Of special note for those concerned with the repetitive flashing of bright lights, a few instances of that occur in this film.
Sci-fi: The crew of a deep-space hospital ship tries to avoid both the madman they've rescued as well as the pending turn of a nearby star into a supernova.
If they're into sci-fi films or are fans of someone in the cast they might, but so far this film has had little positive buzz to attract kids to it.
For sci-fi action violence and sensuality/nudity.
  • JAMES SPADER plays the stoic captain who has sex with Kaela when not otherwise trying to save the ship and defeat Troy.
  • ANGELA BASSETT plays the head doctor who has sex with Vanzant when not also doing the above.
  • LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS plays a medical technician who has sex with Danika, becomes obsessed with the alien artifact, and briefly uses profanity.
  • PETER FACINELLI plays a rescued man who turns out to be a murderer who kills most of the crew (after earlier being a scavenger) and has sex with Danika.
  • ROBIN TUNNEY plays a paramedic who has sex with Yerzy and then cheats on him with Troy.
  • WILSON CRUZ plays another crewmember who tries to survive Troy's attacks.

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    Disrespectful/Bad Attitude


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  • There's some talk of Vanzant formerly being addicted to some futuristic drug, "haza," but we don't see any use of it.
  • Vanzant brings some pear brandy to share with Kaela as a peace offering of sorts (but we don't see them actually drinking any).
  • We see that Marley didn't make it that well through the dimension jump. As such, his body is somewhat deformed and part of his face is fused to the glass of his safety pod.
  • We briefly see some dead and partially decomposed/mummified bodies in a mining facility.
  • After being hit, Troy has a mildly bloody wound on the side of his head, but it heals back to normal in a matter of seconds.
  • After being hit again, Troy has a little bit of blood on his head.
  • We see a large wound in Troy's head that rapidly heals and the same holds true later for a briefly gory eye wound that quickly heals.
  • A dead crewmember has a tiny bit of blood from his mouth as well as some on his neck.
  • We see a severed hand (with a somewhat bloody end).
  • Obviously Troy has extreme cases of both for killing most of the crew as well as scavenging an abandoned mining facility and seducing Danika.
  • Vanzant and Kaela act belligerent toward one another at first (but end up having sex).
  • Danika cheats on Yerzy by having sex with Troy.
  • After their dimension jump, Kaela tries to free Marley's face from some glass to which it's become fused, while Vanzant and the others attempt to prevent their ship from crashing onto the lunar surface (a several minute, action/suspense scene).
  • Vanzant finds himself in an elevator that descends far quicker than he imagined (but nothing ultimately happens).
  • Remotely controlling various pieces of mining equipment, Troy tries to kill Vanzant with them.
  • Much of the last third of the film, when Troy tries and succeeds at killing crew members - partially detailed in "Violence" -- who try to avoid the star becoming a supernova - may be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers. That includes scenes where crewmembers slowly make their way through the ship looking for the villain.
  • Handgun: Briefly seen in a "Tom and Jerry" Carton.
  • Troy uses various pieces of mining equipment as weapons against Vanzant while trying to kill him.
  • Handgun/Spear gun/Electronic device of sorts: Used by crewmembers to shoot Troy in various scenes.
  • Phrase: "Pissed him off."
  • Danika spits in Troy's face after learning of his real intentions.
  • Kaela makes a robot give "the finger" to Troy.
  • A crewmember turns around to suddenly find Troy standing there.
  • An extreme amount of suspenseful and ominous music plays during the film.
  • None.
  • At least 1 "s" word, 5 hells, 1 damn, 2 uses of "God" and 1 use each of "Christ" and "Oh my God" as exclamations.
  • We hear some sexually related sounds and then briefly see a head and shoulders shot of Danika on Yerzy's lap having sex with some movement (as both sit upright).
  • As the crew has to strip off all their clothes to go through a dimension jump, we briefly see Danika's bare breasts as she removes her top. Marley jokes about the jump through space, telling Yerzy that it's great for sexual stamina. In turn, he tells Danika "You know you're going to get it." As they get into their protective pods, we briefly see a silhouette of Danika's bare breasts.
  • We see a shot (from a good distance away) of Vanzant and Kaela having sex while floating in a gravity free area. As such, we briefly see his bare butt as he's on top of her (but don't see any movement).
  • We see Yerzy and Danika presumably after sex as both sit up on a bed and talk about getting government approval for her to get pregnant.
  • We see a side view of Troy lying nude on a medical examination table, but don't see his genitals (the latter occurs with Yerzy).
  • We see Troy's bare butt as he stands nude in front of Danika.
  • As everyone discusses what the alien artifact might be, Danika chimes in that "maybe it's an alien sex object. It looks like..." but she's interrupted before she can finish that thought.
  • Talking with Danika and somewhat reading her mind, Troy says that despite their problems, all she can think about is sex. He then suggests that she have sex with him and then goes on to say that what she would feel afterwards would indicate whether doing so was right or wrong. He then prods her by stating that it could be her last, wild and impulsive moment of passion. She finally agrees and we see them head off (as he says that the only real sin is regret). The two then passionately kiss while floating in weightlessness and are apparently nude (but we don't see anything else due to the head and shoulders only shot, although it's implied that they do eventually have sex).
  • With only one safety pod available in which to ride through a dimension jump, two crewmembers get into it with both of them being nude (although we don't see anything). The man then states that he could think of worse ways to die and then jokingly comments that considering the circumstances his "performance" may be a little lacking.
  • None.
  • Troy mentions that his father died three years earlier, but we later learn that he was lying.
  • Why filmmakers often borrow elements from other films but neglect to add any originality to them.
  • The ship is struck by space debris and partially damaged.
  • Remotely controlling various pieces of mining equipment, Troy tries to kill Vanzant with them.
  • Vanzant breaks a surveillance camera.
  • Troy rips out part of the ship's console. Danika then uses that to hit Troy on the head, but he punches her and then throws her into another part of the ship.
  • Troy kills a crewmember by having them sucked out into space.
  • Troy zaps and destroys a security keypad.
  • Troy throws Yerzy across a room. Yerzy then repeatedly strikes Troy in the face with a metal rod, but to no avail. Troy then knocks Yerzy across the room.
  • Troy kills another crewmember by having them sucked into space.
  • Benjamin shoots Troy with a spear gun that knocks him back against a wall (but he pulls out the spear and is fine). Later, he shoots him point blank in the head with a handgun of sorts, but despite injuring Troy, it doesn't stop him.
  • Troy repeatedly fires at a Plexiglas-like wall, trying to get to a crewmember. He eventually breaks through the glass, gets to the crewmember and throws him across the room, killing him.
  • Troy roughly grabs Kaela, but she uses some sort of electronic device that zaps him on the head (causing a gory wound to the eye).
  • Troy knocks Kaela aside and shoots a spear into what turns out to be an empty space suit. Troy and another crewmember then fight (with the crewmember being thrown about until eventually cutting off Troy's hand).
  • Troy breaks the glass in the ship's safety pods.
  • An explosion blows up part of the ship and presumably kills a man.
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