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The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated, subtitled film. Profanity is heavy due to 4 uses of the "f" word, while other profanities and colorful phrases are also present (in English subtitles). Some instances of violence occur, such as a person accidently being shot in the chest and another being struck by a truck (with mild bloody results, plus we never really know whether they survive due to the story's rewind feature). Other more mild violence occurs, including people threatening others with guns. Those moments involve the protagonists' holding up various establishments for money, thus giving them bad attitudes, while a girl's father is having an affair and not only states he won't be coming home, but also belittles his young adult daughter. Some brief drinking and smoking occur, while a few flash frames show a woman and man acting and dressed in S&M outfits. We also see the protagonists in bed together, but don't see any activity or nudity. Beyond that, the remaining categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content. As always, however, should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness, you should take a closer look at the listed content.

For those concerned with repetitive flashes of light, some moments where still images are rapidly shown (like in a full-screen slide show) create such an effect.
Action/Adventure: A young but determined woman races against time to attain the one hundred thousand marks her boyfriend will owe a gangster in less than twenty minutes.
If they've heard the positive "buzz" about it, older teens might, but a subtitled German film with a mostly unknown cast won't be drawing huge crowds of kids.
For some violence and language.
  • MORITZ BLEIBTREU plays a small-time courier for a gangster who inadvertently loses the money he owes his boss. As such and quite frantic, he holds up a grocery store at gunpoint, cusses some and smokes a few times.
  • FRANKA POTENTE plays his orange-haired girlfriend who will do anything to help him. As such, she holds up two places at gunpoint and quickly tries to win the earnings in a casino. She also cusses a few times.
  • HERBERT KNAUP plays Lola's somewhat estranged father who's having an affair and doesn't want to help her.

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  • We see three repeated views of Lola's mother with a drink, and a woman later states that Lola's mother is drunk from morning until night.
  • We see a split-second image of a woman and her husband who appear to have drinks in their hands and then a similarly brief image of what looks like a homeless man shooting up (heroin or something similar -- but the image is on the screen for a second or less).
  • People at a casino have drinks.
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  • We see several split second images of a mildly bloody bike rider after he's had an accident.
  • We see the same of what appears to be a somewhat bloody surgical operation.
  • A person's chest is a little bloody after they've been accidently shot there and moments later we see a little bit of blood from the victim's mouth.
  • Some blood runs from a person's nose and mouth after they've been struck by a truck.
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  • Manni is a courier for a gangster. When he realizes he needs to recoup the money he owes his boss, he robs a store at gunpoint.
  • Likewise, Lola robs her father's bank at gunpoint for the money required to save Manni's life.
  • In flashback we see someone steal Lola's moped.
  • A woman whom Lola repeatedly runs by calls her names (including "bitch") and is nasty toward her.
  • Lola's father is having an affair and not only tells her that he's not coming home, but also calls her various names and states that he's not her real father.
  • We see a cartoon character purposefully trip a cartoon version of Lola who then falls down several flights of stairs and has a brief limp after that.
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  • The pulsating techno-pop soundtrack and the film's race against time structure may make some viewers a bit anxious about the proceedings (but not in a horror-film frightened fashion).
  • In addition, scenes listed under "Violence" may also be suspenseful or unsettling to some viewers.
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  • Handguns: Used by Manni and Lola to rob several places.
  • Assault rifles/Handguns/Other guns: Aimed by the police at Manni and Lola in different scenes and once accidently fired by an officer, striking a person in the chest.
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  • Phrases (In English subtitles): "F*ck off," "Bitch" (what a woman on the street calls Lola), "Dumb ass," "Screwed" (nonsexual), "Freak," "Shut up," "What the hell," "Nuts" (crazy), "Cracked" (crazy), "Weirdo," "You stupid cow" and "Slut."
  • Desperately needing money, Manni holds up a grocery store, Lola holds up her father's bank and then goes to a casino trying to make all the money in a quick win.
  • Since Lola comes off looking so cool, so kids may want to imitate her look (bright pinkish hair, multiple pierced ears and what looks like a tattoo on her belly (only partially seen).
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  • None.
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  • Some of the techno-pop score occasionally has a somewhat ominous tone to it.
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  • None.
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  • (In English subtitles): At least 4 "f" words, 6 "s" words, 7 damns, 2 asses and 1 hell are used as exclamations.
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  • The woman with whom Lola's father is having an affair tells him that she's pregnant (and then that the baby isn't his).
  • Lola shows some cleavage in her tank-top (that also occasionally shows part of her bra).
  • We twice see Manni and Lola lying together in bed, but they're only talking and we can't see anything below their shoulders.
  • We briefly see several split-second images of a woman and a man dressed and acting in an S&M fashion (leather undergarments, etc... -- but it's extremely brief).
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  • Manni smokes twice, while Lola and security guard each smoke once.
  • Lola tells Manni that she went to get some cigarettes and that's why she was late meeting him.
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  • Lola's father is having an affair and not only tells her that he's not coming home, but also calls her various names or says bad things to her (such as "I never fathered a weirdo like you," and he calls her a "cuckoo's egg") and states that he's not her real father.
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  • What one would do if faced with a similar predicament (having to raise a lot of cash in very little time).
  • How one seemingly insignificant event in one's life can (and always does) have major ramifications down the line.
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  • We see a brief flashback where Ronnie head-butts Manni.
  • Two cars repeatedly crash into each other (in different versions of the same event).
  • Manni repeatedly beats a telephone in a public phone booth.
  • Lola occasionally screams so loud that various objects about her shatter.
  • Manni holds up a store at gunpoint and fires several warning shots into the air. When a security guard then holds his gun on Manni, Lola whacks him on the head/back with a heavy bag and grabs his gun. She then accidently fires it and nearly hits that guard who's now on the floor.
  • A cop accidently fires his weapon and the bullet strikes a person in the chest, sending them falling to the street.
  • We see a cartoon character purposefully trip a cartoon version of Lola who then falls down several flights of stairs and has a brief limp after that.
  • Lola's father smacks her (after she calls his lover a "slut" and a "stupid cow"), causing Lola to throw various objects in his office (including a wall painting) at him.
  • Lola grabs a security guard's gun and then alternately holds it on him, her father, and a teller in the bank as she robs the place. In one moment, she fires several warning shots into the wall near her father's head.
  • Lola shoots a security keypad with a gun to get through a locked door at the bank. Moments later, she encounters a SWAT team aiming various weapons at her.
  • A truck accidently smashes through a large pane of glass being carried across a street.
  • A truck accidently strikes and runs over a man crossing the street.
  • Manni chases a man on a bicycle and then eventually gets him to stop after aiming his handgun at him.
  • Two cars crash and a motorcyclist then crashes and flips over one of them, landing unconscious as are the occupants of one car.
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