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The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. Profanity is extreme with more than 100 "f" words and a great number of other profanities and colorful phrases (that also appear in the many rap songs that play on the soundtrack). Many characters (young and older adults) smoke pot and are consequently high during the film and one character feeds a marijuana-laced brownie to a dog (with similar results). A sexual encounter is heard and some other fooling around occurs including some S&M related material that's implied (and partially seen). Some scantily clad people are also seen (in person and in pictures) and sexually related dialogue is also present. Several fights occur (with punches and other struggling) and several characters threaten others with guns. Other non-lethal, non-threatening violence also occurs. A great deal of bad behavior/attitudes is present, as is scatological humor (people falling into dog excrement, bathroom jokes, etc.). Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for anyone in your home after reading the above, we suggest that you take a closer look at our more detailed content listings.

Comedy: Hoping to avoid an inner-city thug who's after him, a young man moves to the suburbs where he discovers that life and the characters there can be just as bizarre, adventurous and dangerous as from where he left.
If they liked the original "Friday" and/or are fans of Ice Cube they probably will. Otherwise, it's highly unlikely.
For strong language, drug use and sexual content.
Considering the language, drug use and other behavior demonstrated by the major characters, it's highly unlikely that many - if any -- parents would consider any of the characters to be good role models.

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Disrespectful/Bad Attitude


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  • The film opens with the voices of two people reading some of the credits and talking about the joints they're smoking (as we see smoke mixing with the credits on the screen) and being high.
  • We see Craig rolling his own joint on top of a pot magazine called "High Times."
  • Craig mentions that his friend went to rehab and considering how much pot he was smoking, he'd probably be there for a while.
  • A neighbor lady says that she thinks Joker and his brothers are drug runners.
  • Elroy has a beer.
  • Day-Day comments that Baby D sells dope.
  • Suga asks Craig if he wants some wine or cognac (the latter of which she drinks straight from a mini-bottle). Elroy then rolls a joint in a cigar casing (telling Craig he doesn't mind how high Craig gets, as long as he "lets me hit it"). He then smokes it, and then passes it on to Craig and then to Suga. Stoned, Elroy talks about smoking pot on the moon and that getting high up there means you'd never come down. They all react to the potency of it, and we later see them passed out from it.
  • Roach tells Day-Day that if he had his bong with him, he let his co-worker "toke" until he choked. Craig then pulls out a joint and Day-Day smokes it (although they all eventually end up getting somewhat high).
  • Day-Day's boss drinks while getting out of a limo (and his limo driver drinks as well).
  • Some women drink beer at the gangsters' house.
  • One of Jokers smokes a joint.
  • Craig opens a drawer in Joker's bedroom and finds all sorts of drugs.
  • Roach gives the gangsters' guard dog a pot-laced brownie. A bit later, we see the dog stumbling about and then later lying passively on the ground as does Roach who smokes a joint nearby him.
  • We see flashbacks from the first film where Debo's face is bloody (and a string of blood flies from his mouth when he's hit).
  • We see a dog straining while defecating on a lawn. Moments later, Craig's father slips and falls into the excrement, smearing it on the back of his overalls (we see it). Craig later reacts to the smell, as does Elroy.
  • Craig's father comes out of a public restroom stating that he feels five pounds lighter and we see everyone reacting to the smell.
  • We hear Craig's father farting and later the same from his uncle.
  • We see many scenes where Craig's father comments to himself how bad he has to use the bathroom while stuck in traffic.
  • Day-Day recounts stories of Craig "dodo-ing" in the swimming pool.
  • Joker has some blood on his face after getting into a fight with Craig.
  • Debo and Tyrone break out of prison, with the former punching a man to steal his bike so that he can find Craig and enact his revenge.
  • Certain people may be offended by the "comical" representation of their race/ethnicity/gender (especially Puerto Ricans, African-Americans and women).
  • D'Wana purposefully scratches the entire side of Day-Day's new car (we then see that she's pregnant and she claims that Day-Day is the father but he denies that).
  • One of the Jokers - who all have bad, criminal attitudes and intimidate others -- comments that their dog likes "dark meat" as it chases Craig and Day-Day (who are black).
  • Craig convinces Day-Day and Roach to help him break into the gangsters' house to steal some money to pay for Elroy's delinquent taxes.
  • Roach gives the gangsters' guard dog a pot-laced brownie.
  • It's possible that scenes listed under "Violence" may be tense to some viewers (such as those involving fighting and guns being pointed at others), but clearly none of it's meant to be taken seriously.
  • Handguns/Machine guns: Used by various characters to threaten others in various scenes (and fired in a flashback from the first film).
  • Knife: Seen on Debo's chest in a flashback from the first film.
  • Phrases: "Shut the f*ck up," "What the f*ck are you looking at?" "What the f*ck?" "I don't have time for this sh*t," "Taking a sh*t," "Nigger(s)" (said many times), "Bitch(es)" (said many times), "Punk," "Punk ass," "Balls," "Cajones" and "Nuts" (testicles), "Ain't that a bitch," "Bad ass," "Big ass," "Suckers," "Kiss my ass," "Dumb ass," "Shut up," "Hos" (whores), "Monkey ass," "Stupid ass" and "Jerk."
  • D'Wana purposefully scratches the entire side of Day-Day's new car and later Baby D throws bricks into it several times.
  • Trying to do something about pot smoke in the room, Roach uses a vacuum cleaner to suck up the smoke coming from the joint and Day-Day's mouth.
  • Roach gives the gangsters' guard dog a pot-laced brownie.
  • None.
  • A minor bit of suspenseful music (in a comical context) occurs in a few scenes.
  • Although the lyrics of many of the rap songs appearing in the film couldn't be understood, there were more than enough uses of the "f," "s" and other words to warrant an extreme rating (another has a line sounding like "I am a sex-o-matic" or something like that).
  • At least 109 "f" words (30 used with "mother"), 98 "s" words, 4 slang terms for/using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 3 slang terms for/using male genitals ("Johnson," "d*ck"), 4 slang terms for breasts ("t*t"), 68 asses (2 used with "hole"), 27 damns, 16 hells, 8 uses of "G-damn," and 1 use each of "Swear to God" and "Oh Lord" as exclamations.
  • Craig's father mistakes Craig's time spent in the bathroom (when he's rolling a joint) for him masturbating and makes some related comments ("You'll go blind, boy").
  • Tyrone tells Debo that they should go and get "some p*ssy."
  • Craig's father says that he can't wait until Craig is out of the house so that he and the Mrs. can walk around the house naked. He then talks about her "big booty" bouncing around, her giving him a lap dance and his "Johnson" swinging around.
  • Day-Day mentions that he gets a lot of "p*ssy" since getting his new BMW.
  • We briefly see the covers of some porno magazines that Craig looks through in Day-Day's room (showing a buxom woman in skimpy underwear covering her bare breasts with her hands/arms) as well as some brief glimpses of nude women inside (seen from a partial distance and thus showing little or no detail).
  • Suga shows her ample cleavage and then greets Craig by licking his neck and groping his butt (while suggestively telling him, "We can keep it all in the family"). She then suggestively licks her tongue at Craig.
  • We see that D'Wana is pregnant and she claims that Day-Day is the father (he denies that).
  • While showing Craig around his backyard, Elroy points out the Jacuzzi and states that he and Suga "get real nasty" in there. He then spots and retrieves a used condom from the Jacuzzi and tells Craig that he can borrow it (the Jacuzzi or the condom - it's not made clear which) whenever he wants.
  • We see a poster in Day-Day's room of a very buxom woman covering her bare breasts with her hands/arms.
  • After Craig goes over to talk to Karla, Day-Day repeatedly states "I bet you don't get none" and "I bet you don't get it."
  • Suga shows more cleavage.
  • After seeing Suga strongly sucking on a huge joint, Craig tells Elroy, "Now I know why you got her." Later, after all three are passed out from smoking too much pot, Suga' s body slumps over and her head lands in Craig's lap, causing Elroy to wake up and angrily ask what she's doing and she hazily replies that she thought Craig was him.
  • Elroy then announces that it's "nasty time" for him and Suga and they leave the room. We then hear a short burst of sexual sounds and see plaster falling down onto Craig a floor below them. Craig, who's high from smoking pot, then imagines Karla suggestively dancing on the table in front of him (with her saying that she wished she were with him right now as she feels her clothed breasts).
  • A poster on a wall shows a woman in a thong that shows most of her bare butt.
  • Craig goes into his uncle's bedroom and sees all sorts of bondage paraphernalia, a film showing a clothed woman suggestively dancing, and an array of dildos and other related items (including a poster on a far wall showing cartoon drawings of people in various sexual positions). When he goes over to the bed where Elroy and Suga are passed out, Elroy suddenly grabs him, pulls him down onto the bed and starts humping him. As he tries to get away, Craig then inadvertently lands on Suga who similarly responds in a sexual manner until Craig finally escapes.
  • We see Elroy wearing a leather, S&M hood (with a gag ball in his mouth) and Suga bound to a cross of sorts as they're interrupted from whatever they were doing.
  • We see a dog humping Joker's leg. Later, he wonders what's on his pants leg and then comments that it must be "yogurt."
  • Some women show plenty of cleavage in the skimpy tops they wear at the gangsters' house. One of them straddles a guy's lap as he fiddles with her bra and we then see one of them shaking his head in two of the women's cleavage. Joker later carries one of the women over his shoulder as he takes her into a bedroom.
  • In that bedroom, he throws her down to the bed and she playfully states that she likes it rough. He says that's good since that's how she's going to get it. Joker then rips off his pants revealing a small little g-string/thong and he refers to his unseen genitals as "mini-me." As he jumps on top of the woman on the bed, we see most of his bare butt.
  • The Jokers make some prison (homosexual) sex references to Day-Day and Roach, telling the latter that he has a pretty mouth.
  • Other than the pot smoking, we didn't see any (although it's possible that what was presumably a joint here or there - in a non-specific drug scene -- could have been just a cigarette).
  • Day-Day mentions that his mom died of a heart attack upon learning that they won the lottery.
  • The behavior of the varying characters in the film.
  • In a flashback from the first film, we see Craig punching Debo and a string of blood flying from the big man's mouth, as well as someone firing a machine gun at unseen targets.
  • We hear the sound of Debo punching some guy to steal his bike.
  • Debo slaps Tyrone on the back of the head many times during the film.
  • Seeing Debo and Tyrone standing in front of their truck, Craig's father hits the accelerator and drives into Tyrone, sending him up onto the hood before crashing to the street. Debo then kicks Tyrone.
  • D'Wana purposefully scratches the entire side of Day-Day's new car and then sprays pepper spray into his face.
  • As a pit-bull tries to attack Craig and Day-Day on top of the latter's car, Craig tries hitting it with his belt.
  • A disgruntled customer pushes over some items in the store in which Day-Day works. In response, Craig grabs the guy and throws him to the floor.
  • Baby D pushes Craig backwards.
  • We hear the sound of Baby D throwing a brick into Day-Day's windshield.
  • Day-Day's boss holds a gun to Craig's head, thinking he's a robber. This goes on for a minute or so until the boss slips and falls and the two men then struggle for the gun. Some punches are then thrown and Craig then throws the owner over some music racks before holding the gun on him.
  • Joker and his brothers purposefully drive over Roach's skateboard.
  • Joker and his brothers hold a machine gun and two handguns on Roach and Day-Day. Once they have them inside their house, they tie them up with duct tape and threaten to kill them.
  • There's some slapstick material involving Craig falling from Karla's second story window and various characters falling off a wall with a thump to the ground below.
  • Joker punches Day-Day and slaps Roach on the head.
  • Craig's father hits one of the thugs across the face with a board, knocking him unconscious.
  • Elroy rushes forward and tackles another thug, knocking him out and throwing out his back.
  • Craig and Joker get into a fight in the backyard with many punches and other struggling occurring (and Craig hitting Joker with a large outdoor planter). Joker then holds a machine gun on Craig and the others until Debo arrives and hits him on the head, knocking him to the ground. The gangsters' dog then races up and bites Debo and the police arrive and aim their guns at all of the thugs.
  • Baby D throws another brick into Day-Day's car.
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