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OUR WORD TO PARENTS: The following is brief summary of the content found in this PG rated, sci-fi comedy. Typical sci-fi related violence occurs in the form of ship to ship and person to alien laser blasts (along with other fighting and encounters with aliens), some of which is lethal but not in a graphic or gory sense. Some gore is present, however, in the form of a creature that's been turned inside out and then explodes. That scene and a few others may (or may not) be a bit unsettling and/or suspenseful to younger viewers. The crew's lone human female often shows a great deal of her ample cleavage, while a few mild sexually related comments are made and a human makes out with an alien (played for laughs and not eroticism). Profanity consists of a few hells and damns, along with a few religious and otherwise colorful phrases. We see a major character who wakes up after passing out on the floor from drinking too much and some bad attitudes are present, mainly from the villainous aliens who wish to rid the universe of another race.

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Comedy/Sci-fi: A group of aliens mistakenly believe that some disillusioned actors from a defunct sci-fi TV show are real space heroes and recruit them to battle a ruthless galactic villain.
If they're fans of sci-fi shows or of anyone in the cast, they just might and this one has the possibility of becoming a decent hit with kids.
For some action violence, mild language and sensuality.
  • TIM ALLEN plays an egotistical actor who plays an egotistical space commander who has a hangover in one scene from drinking too much the night before. He does, however, save another race by showing bravery and some smarts in the face of adversity.
  • SIGOURNEY WEAVER plays a buxom actress who often shows a great deal of cleavage when helping Nesmith save the day.
  • TONY SHALHOUB plays another actor who's not sure he can help, but does end up falling for an alien (in the guise of a human female).
  • DARYL MITCHELL plays another actor and crewmember who similarly nearly folds under the pressure, but manages to prove his worth by the end.
  • ALAN RICKMAN plays a cynical, Shakespearean-trained actor who can't stand how the show has typecast him, but also comes around by the end of the story.
  • SAM ROCKWELL plays the typical whining sci-fi character who foresees doom and gloom for himself and the crew.
  • ENRICO COLANTONI plays one of the benevolent aliens who recruits Nesmith and his crew.
  • ROBIN SACHS plays the towering and malicious, bug-like villain who's intent on ridding the universe of the Thermians.
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  • Gwen has what looks like a drink.
  • Nesmith pours booze from a bottle and we then see him wake up the next morning after having passed out on his living room floor. He then has something of a hangover.
  • When someone asks Dane where he's going after an attack by Sarris' ship, he replies, "To see if there's a pub."
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  • We see a wet spot of drool from Nesmith's mouth on some furniture and he then belches upon waking up.
  • We see Sarris holding one of his former crewmember's reptilian-like heads on a stick.
  • We see the large and slobbery tongue of a creature as it licks Nesmith.
  • After the crew has beamed an alien creature onboard their ship, we see that the effort was not entirely successful (as one Thermian mentions that the creature appears as if it's been turned inside out). As such, we see a gooey and gory mess of what was once an alien, with goo and gore squirting out from it right before it explodes, sending meaty body parts and goo over everyone and the equipment.
  • Nesmith has a few bloody scrapes after battling a rock creature and his mouth is just a little bloody.
  • Mathesar has some blisters/abrasions on his face after being tortured by Sarris.
  • An alien smashes into the spaceship's "windshield," leaving a green stain mark on it.
  • We see a hole in the clothing of a Thermian who's just been shot with a laser blast, but the hole isn't bloody.
  • Gwen has a red abrasion on her shoulder.
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  • Nesmith often shows up late and makes the rest of the cast wait at conventions and other such appearances.
  • Obviously, Sarris and his crew have both for wanting to rid the universe of all Thermians.
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  • It's possible that the sight of Sarris, his "men," and various other creatures could be somewhat unsettling or even a bit scary to some younger kids if they're allowed to see this film.
  • Although it's played for laughs, a horde of little green creatures chases after Nesmith and his crew, eventually capturing the Commander.
  • The same holds true for a huge rock creature that chases after Nesmith and finally captures him.
  • The ending has the crew racing against time to save the Thermians, stop the villains and prevent a core explosion from destroying the ship (all played out in a comically adventurous fashion).
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  • Spaceship weapons: Seen on the original TV show and then here where spaceships fire upon and damage other ships.
  • Laser guns: Used in the TV show and then by various characters to fire upon others (injuring some and even killing one).
  • We hear gunfire on a TV show that Nesmith watches.
  • Space minefield: An area filled with space mines that the Thermian ship flies through (and gets hit with some explosions). Later used to blow up another ship.
  • Knife-life object: Briefly pulled out by Sarris but never used.
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  • Phrases: "You're so full of it," "Losers," "Retards," "I kicked his ass," "Sit your ass down," "Bloody" (the British adjective), "Screwed" (nonsexual), "Shut up," "Sucker," an incomplete "Son of a..." and "Screw that."
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  • A heavy amount of comically suspenseful music plays during the film.
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  • At least 4 hells, 3 damns, 2 asses, 1 slang term for breasts ("boobs"), and 3 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "For God's sakes," "Oh God" and "God" as exclamations.
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  • Gwen often wears low-cut outfits that show (to varying degrees) her ample cleavage. By the end of the movie, her outfit is open enough that her rather small bra can be seen (along with the cleavage).
  • Gwen comments that past interviews only focused on her "boobs" and not her.
  • Nesmith makes a comment to Gwen about being on a planet that filled his head "with such thoughts" about her (said in a way that may or may not contain sexual context).
  • There's a visual joke about Nesmith kneeling and bending over to look for his shoes (while only wearing a shirt) and that the four aliens get a view of his bare butt sticking up in the air, but due to our angle we don't see what they do.
  • After Nesmith talks about "control," Gwen comments, "That's funny coming from the guy who slept with every (what sounded like) slave princess on the ship."
  • We briefly see the bare butts of some small space creatures the size of young children.
  • Guy briefly stares at Gwen's cleavage.
  • Kwan and a female alien (in human form) passionately make out, causing Guy to tell them to "get a room." As her tentacles then appear and caress Kwan, he falls to the floor in ecstasy with her (and out of the camera shot). Guy then looks disturbed and says, "That's not right!" about whatever they're doing.
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  • Some bad aliens briefly appear to be smoking.
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  • People who become fanatical about shows like the one presented here.
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  • Most of what follows isn't graphic and is meant/displayed in a comic sense.
  • In footage from the original TV show, a spaceship fires upon another such ship.
  • Nesmith accidentally knocks down a kid.
  • As Webber pilots the spaceship out of space dock, he accidentally scrapes it against the side of the "dock" (causing damage to both).
  • We briefly see playback footage of Sarris zapping the Thermian's former commander (and then see the grimaces of those watching the playback). We then see Sarris holding one of his former crewmember's reptilian-like heads on a stick.
  • Sarris has his crew fire upon the Thermian ship, causing some explosions to occur.
  • The Thermian ship flies through a minefield, hitting some mines and
    further damaging the ship.
  • Some small creatures with sharp teeth jump on one of their own kind, a lame creature (we only see them pile on top of it and don't see them injuring/killing it).
  • To get him inside a shuttlecraft, Nesmith punches Dane.
  • Some creatures fall from the shuttlecraft as it lifts off from the ground. We then see Nesmith's point of view (he's been captured by the small creatures) right before one of them strikes him with a rock, knocking him unconscious.
  • A creature is killed in a transporter malfunction (it's body is turned inside out before it explodes in a gory mess).
  • A huge rock creature chases Nesmith, catches him and then throws him across and to the ground.
  • Sarris shocks Mathesar (as a means of torture) and then grabs Nesmith by the neck. Moments later, one of Sarris' crewmembers hits Nesmith in the gut, doubling him over. They then shock Nesmith.
  • To distract their guards, Nesmith and Dane pretend to fight (with each landing actual punches to the other). They then hit two of those alien guards and Kwan opens a hatch that causes the aliens to be sucked into outer space to their presumed deaths.
  • Sarris orders that the remaining Thermians be suffocated, and we then see several shots of them in a room that's slowly losing all of its air/oxygen.
  • An alien smashes into the spaceship's "windshield," leaving a green stain mark on it.
  • Nesmith and others fire laser blasts at the bad aliens.
  • A big stone creature smashes and tosses some bad aliens around a large room and then smashes through some corridors before they're all sucked into outer space (and presumably killed).
  • A bad alien shoots one of the Thermians in the back, wounding him (and he eventually dies from this wound).
  • Dane races up and jumps one of the bad aliens.
  • After being hit by a number of space mines, a spaceship explodes, presumably killing all of the aliens onboard it.
  • Sarris shoots and hits, but doesn't kill Nesmith and most of the rest of the crew.
  • Nesmith hits Sarris, who's in the guise of someone else, several times. Sarris then pulls out a knife-life weapon, but a good alien then hits him several times with a rod/pipe.
  • A spaceship crash-lands on Earth, smashing through cars and then part of a building.
  • Sarris threatens others with his weapon, but Nesmith shoots and presumably kills him instead, causing him to disintegrate.
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