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The following is a brief summary of the content found in this R-rated comedy. The film is filled with all sorts of sexual behavior including intercourse, male/female oral sex and male/female masturbation, along with female nudity and plenty of sexual talk, much of it focused on the four guys hoping to lose their virginity by prom night. From the guys seeing women as sexual objects to one of them broadcasting a teen changing her clothes over the Internet (which turns into a sexual encounter), plenty of bad attitudes are present. Teenage drinking occurs at several parties, with some drunkenness being observed. Profanity is extreme with nearly 20 "f" words, along with many other profanities and plenty of "colorful" phrases. Scatological/gross-out humor occurs in the form of a student inadvertently drinking a certain male body fluid, while another scene involves a student trying to ward off a laxative-induced intestinal spasm (including sounds) while other students of the opposite sex are in the same bathroom. Beyond that, the remaining categories have little or nothing in the way of major objectionable content, but due to the strong sexual material, etc..., you many wish to take a closer look at the listed content should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for anyone in your home.

Comedy: Four high school seniors make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.
A teen sex comedy (that's drawing comparisons to last year's "There's Something About Mary") will probably have many teens wanting to see it.
For strong sexuality, crude sexual dialogue, language and drinking, all involving teens.
  • JASON BIGGS plays a typical teenager obsessed with sex who's caught several times by his parents pleasuring himself when not having two sexual encounters with different young women.
  • CHRIS KLEIN plays the lacrosse jock who feigns emotional complexity as a hopeful way of bedding a girl, but who finds himself truly falling for Heather and forgoing everything for her.
  • THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS plays a guy who's done all sorts of sexual things with his girlfriend but have sex, and he tries to persuade her to do that.
  • EDDIE KAY THOMAS plays a student known for never using the school's bathrooms and who has a sexual encounter with an older woman (while somewhat drunk).
  • SEANN W. SCOTT plays a party-hearty student who drinks, cusses a lot and heckles the four guys for still being virgins.
  • TARA REID plays Kevin's girlfriend who's done all sorts of sexual things with him, but is reluctant to have sex (although she eventually does).
  • NATASHA LYONNE plays her apparently more experienced friend who eventually persuades Vicky to lose her virginity.
  • SHANNON ELIZABETH plays a foreign exchange student who pleasures herself in Jim's bedroom and then tries to have sex with him.
  • EUGENE LEVY plays Jim's well-meaning dad who wants to make sure his son is okay with his own sexuality.
  • ALYSON HANNIGAN plays a band geek who turns out to be more sexually adventurous than anyone imagines.

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  • A comment is made that all people do at a party is "get drunk and do it."
  • Students drink shots and beer at a party (including most if not all of our four guys). The next morning we see Finch with what appears to be a glass of brandy.
  • Kevin and Finch drink beer.
  • Jessica gives Finch a flask at the prom as a gift, but we don't know if it's filled with liquor.
  • The students drink at another party, and Finch, who's a bit drunk ("three sheets to the wind" as he says), finds Stifler's mom who's drinking Scotch. He then asks for a drink and then goes to get more Scotch for both of them (and we later see them drinking).
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  • We see a guy's ejaculate floating in a cup half-full of beer that a girl later nearly drinks and which Stifler then does drink. We then see that girl run downstairs with some vomit on her shirt and see and hear Stifler vomiting in a toilet.
  • Comments are made about Finch never using the school bathrooms and someone asks him if he thought it was time he "learned how to take a dump" there.
  • After Stifler secretly gives Finch a powerful laxative, we see the latter running into the bathroom. We then hear all sorts of farting/intestinal sounds and then see that Stifler led him into the girls bathroom. As such, Finch tries to hold it in after several girls come inside, but can't. The girls then react to that and rush out and we then hear more related bathroom sounds.
  • We see a wet and spreading urine stain on Sherman's pants when it's publicly announced that he wets his pants when nervous.
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  • Some viewers may see the guys' preoccupation with sex (including their pact to lose their virginity by prom night and the sexual activity involving just themselves or members of the opposite sex) and their initial views of females as sexual objects as having some of both.
  • Stifler belittles the four guys for still being virgins.
  • Stifler pats a girl on the butt.
  • A guy at a large party is mean to the band geeks when he won't let them into the party (by telling them there's no party there).
  • Kevin talks with the guys and says "Enough of this blowjob bullsh*t. I need to get laid" (which his girlfriend hears and then storms out).
  • A guy lies about having had sex with a girl.
  • With the urging of Stifler and others, Jim sets up his computer video camera to see and then broadcast over the Internet views of Nadia changing clothes in his bedroom. In addition, and as they ogle this young woman's body, they continually thank God for allowing this to happen (which may offend some viewers for dragging God into the proceedings).
  • The next day students make fun of Jim for his strip dance and climaxing too soon with the woman.
  • Stifler gives Finch a laxative (of which he's unaware) so that he'll have to go to the bathroom at school.
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  • There are a few comically tense moments (Jim's father returning home when his son is getting intimate with a pie, Vicky's father walking up the stairs to her room that has no lock as Kevin performs oral sex on her, etc...).
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  • None.
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  • Due to crowd noise, the following should be considered as a minimum.
  • Phrases: "F*ck face," "F*ck me," "MILTF" ("mother I'd like to f*ck"), "Dipsh*t," "Sh*thead," "Holy sh*t," "Eat sh*t," "Sh*t brick," "Suck me, beautiful," "Hook up," "Coming," "Screw," "The Wild Thing" and "Laid" (the last six are sexual), "Head" and "Blow job" (both for oral sex), "Double click your mouse (female masturbation), "Stroking the salami" and "Pinching the one- eyed snake" (both for male masturbation), "Shut up," "Chick," "Jeez," "Pissed," "Sucks," "Balls" (testicles), "Take a dump," "Kick ass," "Priss," "Idiot," "Jerk," "Loser," "Screw it up," "You suck," "Dork," "Busting my balls" and "Bitch" (said by a girl to a guy).
  • Stifler pats a girl on the butt.
  • A girl gives someone "the finger."
  • With the urging of Stifler and others, Jim sets up his computer video camera to see and then broadcast over the Internet views of Nadia changing clothes in his bedroom.
  • Stifler gives Finch a laxative (of which he's unaware) so that he'll have to go to the bathroom at school.
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  • None.
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  • None.
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  • A song has the phrase "Swear to God" in it (other possibly objectionable content could also be present in songs where the lyrics were missed/couldn't be understood).
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  • Due to crowd noise, the following should be considered as a minimum.
  • At least 19 "f" words (2 used sexually as are two uses of the word "screw"), 29 "s" words, 4 slang terms for male genitals ("d*ck," "salami," "one-eyed snake" with another possible one, "c*ck"), 1 slang term for female genitals ("p*ssy" with another possible one, "c*nt"), 1 slang term for breasts ("t*t"), 10 hells, 6 asses, 4 damns, 1 crap, and 7 uses of "Oh my God," 3 each of "God" and "Oh God" and 1 use each of "Oh Jesus," "By God" and "Swear to God" as exclamations.
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  • Due to crowd noise, the following should be considered as a minimum.
  • We hear sexually related sounds (moaning, brief comments) and then see that Jim is watching a scrambled porn channel on his bedroom TV and apparently masturbating (we hear some of his related sound/comments as well). When his mother suddenly comes in the room we then briefly see his tube sock over his erection. His mother then hears the comments from the TV ("Take it off..." "Do me, yes!") as he sits with a large throw pillow over his lap. When his dad then comes in and goes to grab the remote, he accidently lifts off the throw pillow and we briefly see the tube sock on Jim's erection once again.
  • A comment is made that all people do at a party is "get drunk and do it."
  • Vicky comments that she and Kevin haven't done it yet, but that "we're gonna have sex" because both are ready, but that it has to be perfect. Jessica then tells her that "It's not a space shuttle launch, it's sex."
  • Stifler tells the guys that he'll look for them "in the no f*cking section" (referring to them still being virgins).
  • Jim asks the others what "third base feels like" and one of them responds that it's like "warm apple pie."
  • Sherman tells the guys that he's a "sophisticated sex robot" from the future sent back in time.
  • In a parked car, Oz tells a college student "Suck me, beautiful" and she breaks out in laughter and tells him what he just did wrong in trying to be "romantic."
  • We see Kevin and Vicky (who shows some cleavage) making out in a bedroom and he says that it's time for them to take the next step in their relationship. While she doesn't want to have sex, she tells him to relax (as we hear her unzipping his pants) and then moves down his body. The shot then continues to cut back and forth between this couple and others at the party. We then see Kevin's pleasured reaction and she momentarily stops what she's doing and says, "Let me know" to which he says, "Keep going." When we return to this scene, he says "Now!" and we then see his reaction to climaxing in a cup half-full of beer (we don't actually see the physical act, but do then see his ejaculate floating in the beer).
  • Stifler and another girl (who shows cleavage) then take over in that same room to fool around. While nothing happens between them beyond making out, she nearly drinks the above beer and he then does take a gulp of it (not knowing what else is mixed with it).
  • Vicky and Jessica talk about sex with Jessica asking her "You never had one with Kevin? Or never had one period?" (an orgasm). Vicky then says that she thinks she had one, but Jessica discounts this and then asks "You never even had one manually? You never double clicked your mouse?"
  • The guys comment on Stifler's mother being a "MILTF" ("mom I'd like to f*ck").
  • After seeing Sherman in a bedroom with a girl at a party, the next morning we see them come down the stairs and hug. After she leaves, he says that they were "doing the wild thing all night." (Which turns out to be a lie).
  • The four friends make a pact to "get laid" before they graduate and thus be "masters of our sexual destiny." One then adds, "No longer will our penises remain flaccid and unused." They then add that their act has to be valid, consensual sex and that prostitutes don't count. Finally, they comment that on prom night the girls want to "do it."
  • One of the guys hands out many boxes of condoms to the others.
  • Jessica tells Kevin that if he wants to get Vicky "in the sack" that he needs to tell her that he loves her and then give her what she wants. When he asks what that is, Jessica feigns some moaning sounds and says that he needs to give her an orgasm. He says that he believes he has and she quickly says that he hasn't.
  • We see Jim examining a condom and stretching it out. His father then comes into his room with a bag full of porno magazines, hoping to help his son's sexual education with some visual aides. He then gets Jim to open one and look at the centerfold and comments "This is the female form" and that this magazine focuses on the breasts (that are primarily used to feed infants but also in foreplay he adds). He then pulls out a Hustler magazine (that they look at) and says that it focuses more on the pubic region (we briefly see the cover of this one from a distance showing a mostly bare-breasted woman). His father then comments on the "Hey big boy" expression on her face. On the back of a magazine we see the words "Hot sex girls" and another magazine is entitled "Shaved" and we see small pictures of nude women with shaving cream covering their crotches (on the cover -- we don't see any pictures from inside this or other mags). His father then asks if Jim knows what a clitoris is (he says that he does), and then finds the opened condom and comments that it's safer than a tube sock.
  • After Finch has paid Jessica to spread rumors about his "size" (and that he was "dynamite in bed"), a girl walks up to his pals and asks if it's true that he's "equipped" and Kevin replies that Finch is "huge." As such, the girl says that Finch now has a date for the prom.
  • Kevin calls his older brother on the phone to ask about female orgasms. His brother then tells him about a secret collection of tested hints, tips and practices that started as a sex manual and is passed down from one lucky student to the next.
  • Jim comes home and finds a note from his mom that she'll be gone for a while and then sees the fresh apple pie on the counter. After some hesitation, he sticks his fingers in and out of it and then stares at the resulting hole. His father then comes home and sees (as do we) Jim standing in the corner with his pants down (no nudity because his shirt covers his butt), hears some sexual sounds and then sees Jim spin around holding the pie at his crotch.
  • We see Kevin and the previously hidden sex manual. As he flips through the pages we see one saying "Know your enemies" (as it shows pictures of vibrators, etc...).
  • After Oz walks back over to his lacrosse buddies (and after agreeing to see Heather), we see Stifler doing some exaggerated pelvic thrusting, along with acting like he's having sex with a girl from behind and slapping her butt in the process.
  • Vicky shows some cleavage and we then see her lying on a bed obviously aroused by Kevin performing oral sex on her (we see him between her legs at the edge of the bed and checking his sex manual below him -- that describes the "tongue tornado"), but don't see the actual act or any nudity. We then see more of her pleasured reactions to what he's doing until she finally climaxes and shouts ("I'm coming, I'm coming").
  • Jim's father tells him that he wants to talk about masturbation. He tells him that it's perfectly normal and then admits that he did "a fair bit of masturbating when I was younger...I used to call it stroking the salami" (as well as "pinching the one-eyed snake") but then adds that he never did it with baked goods (the apple pie). He then adds that he used to do it "five or six times a day" and compared it to practicing "before the big game." He then equates it to hitting a tennis ball against a wall, and that doing so isn't really a game and that one needs a partner to "return the ball."
  • One of the guys asks Kevin (about female oral sex), "Does your tongue cramp up?"
  • Nadia shows a lot of cleavage while asking Jim for some after school help on her studies. She tells him that she could change clothes at his place after her ballet lessons and he agrees (while his buddies go crazy over the related possibilities).
  • With the urging of Stifler and others, Jim then sets up his computer video camera to see and then broadcast over the Internet views of Nadia changing clothes in his bedroom. After he leaves his bedroom so that she can change, he races over to his friend's house to watch. We then see shots of her undressing in person as well as on the video feed on a computer screen. As such, she takes off her top (we see her bra) and her shorts (we see her high cut bikini underwear). She then takes off her bra and we see her bare breasts for quite some time as she walks around his room that way and looks at herself in the mirror (while many other guys watch her over the Internet including Stifler's much younger brother). She then finds the porn magazines that Jim's father earlier gave him and then lies on his bed while looking at them. She then runs her hand across her body and breasts (with the viewers enthusiastically responding and one of them saying, "She's going downstairs"). As such we partially see her run her hand down to her panty-covered crotch and then see her pleasured/aroused reaction. Jim then comments, "There's a gorgeous woman masturbating on my bed," and upon the urging of his friends, races back home and into his bedroom. We then hear her moaning, but she covers herself up when he enters. She then says that since he's seen her, she wants to see him. As such, he then does a strip tease down to his boxers (including running clothing back and forth between his legs and humping a chair). We see more of her bare breasts and he eventually gets onto the bed with her. She then takes his hand down toward her crotch, but he gets so excited from this that he climaxes (in his boxers and not actually seen) before anything else happens. Embarrassed and seeing that she's getting ready to leave, he tells her that he has "reserves." Thus, she climbs back onto the bed and lies on top of him (we see part of her bare butt not covered by her panties), and starts kissing him. She then gets up and removes her panties (we see them come down and see him -- and his reaction -- from between her standing spread legs). She then tells him "Touch me Jim, here" and takes his hand down to her crotch, but he then climaxes again (and of course everyone watches all of this over the Internet).
  • Vicky tells Kevin that maybe it's time they expressed themselves in different ways and asks if he wants to do it. He says yes, but it turns out she meant telling each other they love one another, while he thought it meant finally having sex.
  • As Jessica and Vicky talk about sex again, Jessica says that Kevin's a guy and that he's got a "d*ck." Vicky then asks if sex hurts, and Jessica replies, "Yeah, the first time you do it" but then adds that if you do it again and again, "It starts to feel good...really good." Vicky then worries about going off to college and having sex with some guy that means nothing, so Jessica then tells her just to do it with Kevin.
  • Later, Vicky gets Kevin's attention in class and whispers to him that she wants to have sex. He's surprised and wonders if she means right then and there.
  • Vicky shows cleavage.
  • We see Kevin pocket a condom as he gets ready for the prom.
  • Jessica tells Finch that he has no chance of "scoring" with her that night.
  • The girl about whom Sherman boasted that he slept with gets up in front of everyone and announces that they didn't have sex, but that he once tried to "screw a grapefruit."
  • After the prom and as Kevin and Vicky go to a bedroom to have sex for the first time, they find Stifler's little brother in the closet who asks, "You guys are going to f*ck, aren't you?"
  • At a post-prom party, we see the guys with their dates and/or intended sexual partners.
  • As such, we see Finch meeting Stifler's mom (like Mrs. Robinson from "The Graduate") and she tells him that she's got some Scotch, "Aged eighteen years" just the way she likes it (implying his age as well). Later, both suggestively look over to the pool table. After they've had sex, she tells him "I had no idea you'd be so good" to which he replies, "Neither did I." Later, he comments to his pals that sex with an older woman is very good but that he can't compare it to being with any other women (since he hasn't been).
  • Jim and Michelle talk with her finally telling him that "Once at band camp I stuck a flute in my p*ssy." She then asks him, "Are we going to screw soon? I'm getting kind of antsy" and then adds that she saw his Internet escapades, saying "I don't want you coming so damn early this time." She then adds that she has two rubbers and she accepted their date because she knew he was a sure thing. We then see her being quite rough and dominant with him on a bed.
  • We see Kevin and Vicky in bed and under the sheets and him asking her how she'd like to do it. He then adds, "Normal style -- missionary position?" They then make out with him on top of her and see her somewhat pained reaction to having sex (she tells him to go slow). We return to this scene and see him still on top of her with some movement.
  • Oz and Heather make out. He then takes her dress strap down and she undoes his shirt. We later return to this scene and see them under a blanket and him on top of her, kissing her.
  • We see Jim again doing a dance in his boxers.
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  • Stifler's mom smokes once.
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  • None.
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  • Teens' urgency to lose their virginity, particulary due to peer, self-induced or partner pressure.
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  • While watching Jim and Nadia in his bedroom over the Internet, Stifler pushes his younger brother to the floor.
  • Some player to player lacrosse violence occurs during a match (people getting knocked down, etc...).
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