Look who's giving thanks to a higher power -- a glimpse at the latest recording artists and their gods. (All typos, misspellings and jumbled syntax have been preserved from the original sources.)

From the Paula Cole Band on "Amen" (Imago/Warner Bros.):

Paula Cole: "Thank you Dear God for this life and this music."

Jay Bellerose(drums): "[Thanks to] J. Krishnamurti."

From Counting Crows on "This Desert Life" (DGC):

"Lastly, Matt [Malley, bass] wishes to thank Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi for everything and go see www.sahajayoga.org."

From Creed on "Human Clay" (Wind-Up):

"Creed would like to thank God, our families, friends, fans and everyone else who helped make this all possible -- you know who you are."

From the New Orleans funk-rappers All That on "The Whop Bom Bam" (Upstart):

Antonio Gambrell (trumpet): "From my heart, I want to give praise and honor to the Lord for my gifts and for the people who were in my past, who are in my present, and who will be in my future."

DJ Davis (keyboards, vocals): "Thanks to God and my parents."

Derrick Freeman (drums, vocals): "First and foremost I would like to thank the almighty God for blessing us with our twisted brains allowing us to come up with this crazy shit."

From the Urban/R&B quartet Amyth on "The World Is Ours" (Warner Bros.):

Otis "Labo" Jupiter: "First I give honor to GOD and to his wonderful, darling son Jesus. In which some of us were touched by a magical wand and granted the gift of creating music from the soul. I can't thank God enough for his wonderful blessings he has bestowed unto me, for he has been my protector and father since birth."

Jelami Phillips: "First and foremost I would like to thank God for bringing me through the storm, you are truly deserving of all praises."

Stephen Joyce: "Amen and infinite thank you's to the higher power which protects, guides and strengthens, allowing me to endure the trials and tribulations life places before me."

Lesley Wayne "Adlib" Spears: "First giving honor to God, the Creator and Redeemer of life. I praise his name for he is only worthy to be praised."

From all four: "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High. Verse 1, Psalm 92."

From the venerable country singer Bill Anderson on "Fine Wine" (Reprise):

Bill Anderson: "And God: You've really outdone Yourself this time!"

From the teenaged country singer Jessica Andrews on "Heart Shaped World" (Dreamworks) :

Jessica Andrews: "My most heartfelt loving thanks to God for blessing me with my gift and such wonderful people in my life. Thank you! Thank you!"

From the Tex-Mex rockers Aztex on "Short Stories" (Hightone):

Sarah Fox: "Thank you Jesus Christ. I love you so much. You are my one and only inspiration."

From Faith Hill on "Breathe" (Warner Bros.):

Faith Hill: "Rejoice and be glad. (Matthew 5:12)"

From the singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman on "Greatest Hits" (Reprise):

Beth Nielsen Chapman: "I'd like to dedicate this CD to the struggling songwriter ... doing time bravely and silently -- sitting in front of a blank piece of paper (the great white) ... just believe that the songs your soul wants to write are already perfectly written ... and trust God to drip them slowly into the top of your head."

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