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Peru Traveller Guide
This well-designed site is chock-full of information aimed specifically at the independent traveler, but it will be useful for anyone who is planning a trip to Peru. Machu Picchu
Great Machu Picchu resource, including maps, history, and video and art. Virtual Peru
A must-see. Some of the best photographs of Peru to be found on the web. Geographia
An online guidebook. PBS/NOVA
The Lost Empire The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu by Angus McIntyre
From a trail afficionado(and truly he was captivated by this place --it's been twelve years since he hiked the trail) comes this site with a virtual tour of the four-day hike. Additional links lead to other individual trail experiences, some with outfitters and some who traveled solo. U.S. Traveler's Safety Information
U.S. State Department
Just the facts--travel warnings, embassy and consulate locations, overview of medical care available for visitors. Center for Disease Control
Includes detailed information about immunizations, disease outbreaks and other general precautions to take when traveling abroad. Other handy sites
The Universal Currency Converter Weather
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