Nominated by World magazine

A longtime professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary,Cornleius Van Til published his most widely read defense of Christianityin 1955. In a 1977 interview in Christianity Today magazine, Van Tilsaid: "There are two ways of defending the faith. One of these begins from man as self-sufficient and works up to God, while the other begins from the triune God of the Scriptures and relates all things to him.... The traditional ideas of trying to find some neutral, common ground on which the believer and unbeliever can stand are based on the notion that man is autonomous...[yet] Paul says, all men, knowing God, hold down this knowledge in unrighteousness.... [This knowledge] is the only basis man has on which he can stand, to know himself, to find the facts of his world and learn how to relate them to one another."

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