It's time for the voting to begin! Take a look at the wonderful nominees below. Click on their name to see their profile, or read why other community members have nominated these individuals. You'll be able to vote from February 9th - February 14th at 6pm EST. The winner will be announced on February 15th. Congratulations - and best of luck to all the nominees!


The community nominates Adelphe: "I nominate Adelphe...One I've known here for many many years, who has treated others with respect."


The community nominates: "Belleo for her constant use of loving words that hit my heart in just the right spot."


The community nominates BonnieJay: "She [BonnieJay] has been through a lot in the past couple of years, more than a lot of us in a lifetime, but she's always in good spirits. She's also exceedingly caring and friendly; it's not too often that you find someone who's willing to call you all the way from Australia to see how you are doing! I live in Georgia, US, and I'm not the only person she does this for. Not even close! She means a lot to a lot of people."


The community nominates: "Bouncybaby for her beautiful and always uplifting journal that always puts a smile on my face."


The community nominates: "Callielou for her great collection of beautiful photos...It took many hours of hard work to obtain all the beautiful photos in her galleries...She is also a very caring person and is always there to help."


The community nominates DonDiegodelavega: "My nomination is for Dondiegodelavega...[He's] witty, outspoken, imaginative...daring...keeps readers coming back. It's informative, engaging, and includes some hot topics. He makes it very interesting."


The community nominates: "justme333 [who] co-hosts the Discuss Christianity and Abortion Debate forums...she meets that challenge with great respect for all members who post there, she takes great care not to over-moderate...and she does all of this with grace, thoughtfulness, courtesy, sensitivity, humility, and good judgment...Our Community would be...poorer without her."


The community nominates: "Rangerken. He is the fairest person I know in the forums! He always has something uplifting to say and he takes time out to help you if you need it!"


The community nominates Safehaven: "Safehaven has created many games here on Beliefnet's Village Green. It's a wonderful place to play the games: a place where we can chit chat, post our photos into the games and be silly if we care to. She is also a wonderful and caring person."


The community nominates Soultrekker: "He is a theologist scholar, a professor of comparative religions, a Christian minister and an author.  His journals have not being noticed...but they are outstanding, with great messages for all, and out of the ordinary. He is also exceptionally humble and answers any comments with politeness."


The community nominates Stardove: [She has] "proven to be indispensable in a really tough year...[and] took on a gargantuan task of keeping a very busy community running."

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