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From abortion to gay marriage to sexual ethics to the origin of life, debates and discussions about the most important topics in faith, politics, and life rage on in Beliefnet's Forums. Check out our best discussion topics and wade in with your opinions now.

Should Abortions Remain Legal?

 The idea of a 'right to life' for the unborn is wholly imaginary, having no more credibility than a fantasy. To argue otherwise is to argue from a legally invalid position.  

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

you have committed atrocities against man . Will you take away all of the pain and suffering that You are responsible for?

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Should Owning Guns Be Illegal?

If someone acts irresponsibly with a car nobody suggests banning all cars - NOBODY!!!!
More people are killed in car accidents than by gun accidents or gun crimes. We need to enforce existing laws and not propose unconstitutional bans.

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What is the Origin of Life?

No one has discredited evolution since it was 1st formulated around the 1860s... creationists dislike the theory and they conflate that dislike with disproof.

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How Should Animals Be Treated?

Day after day, I see hunters, ethical farmers and ranchers DOING things to make life better for animals. All I see animal rights doing is complaining because we don't treat animals as our equals.

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

One thing I've never understood is why conservatives are so afraid of gay marriage? How does that affect their own marriage? Why this irrational, unfounded fear?

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Is Capital Punishment Ethical?

Once a person has taken a life of another, he or she has forfeited their right to life. Has nothing to do with hate, but rather the right of society to protect itself from someone capable of killing.

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Is Peace Possible in Israel?

The plain fact is that if the Palestinians disarm there would be immediate peace. If Israel disarms there would almost immediately be no more Israel. You just cannot get around that unfortunate fact.

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Is Sex Before Marriage OK?

We are a culture that seems to be completely replacing love with sex. I am abstinent. I am not asexual, gay or repressed.
I am simply not loved. No love, no sex.

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What Happens to Us When We Die?

Its been a heated question for decades. Who deserves to go to heaven and who deserves to go to hell? I guess the question we should be asking is, who doesn't deserve to go to hell?

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