In 2006, a member of Beliefnet’s Mormon community was despondent over being disabled and not having a car to get around. Featured member Ayelet2 took it upon herself to organize an interfaith fund-raising drive among Beliefnet's community members to help this woman get a car. After the money was raised, Ayelet2 even drove more than 1,000 miles to help her look for a vehicle. Afterward, the disabled member gratefully reported how much her life had improved. She once again became an active member of the Beliefnet community and even was able to give back to others by engaging in some volunteer work.

Ayelet2 repeated her fundraising efforts service again for another disabled Beliefnet member who was trying to care for a young daughter. He had been without his own transportation for five years and was housebound except for necessary doctor appointments and shopping. After riding in his new car, his seven year old daughter exclaimed, "It is like a dream, but when I open my eyes it is still there".

"Ayelet2 took hold of the spirit of giving," one Beliefnet member commented, "and inspired a community that is sometimes at odds over religious differences to come together for the sake of a fellow human being...twice. And I don't doubt that she would do it again, if she saw a need. What a friend to have!” Another member added, “She spreads light and joy where ever she goes. We are fortunate to have her in our world.” And another fan said, “She has blessed my life, the life of my family and many others as has already been said here. I count knowing her as one of the greatest blessings of my life. I know that God must be truly loving and caring to have inspired such servants as Ayelet2.”

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