Friends of Beliefnet Community Fund

Friends of Beliefnet Community Fund

The Beliefnet community has become like a family to many of us, creating friendship and good will, in a diverse, multi-faith phenomenon that continues to grow. In these difficult economic times, we have watched as members of our community have suffered unemployment, illness and other difficulties.

Now, we have a way to help each other.

It's called the Friends of Beliefnet Community Fund, and it is a community-based, donation financed solution to the tough times we find ourselves in. It works because we as a community care. Beliefnet members make donations through PayPal or regular mail, and based on the simple rules outlined below, other members can seek assistance.

Due to the generosity of our community, we have already been able to help several fellow Beliefnet members in their time of need. The community gives on a per-need basis. The fund functions as a channel through which members can help each other, more than as a standing source of funds.

So, that said, here are the Rules and the FAQs:

Who can donate?

Anyone can donate via PayPal or regular mail. Simply click the button above, or logon to PayPal and send a payment to the funds email address If you prefer to mail a check, contact the administrator by email for the mailing address.

Who is handling the money?

Right now, member AmaraS, a volunteer, is functioning as the Administrator of the fund. As the fund grows, a committee will be established to help adminster the fund. Quarterly updates on the state of the fund, money in and out, etc, will be reported via the web page.

What is Beliefnet's Role in this?

Nothing, other than the fact that we are a community because of them, and they will hopefully be tolerant of our donation requests on the boards and web space requests as we get rolling.

How can someone help who has no money to contribute?

Do you know a list of charitable organizations in your region? We would like to offer as many links to other methods of assistance as possible. Be creative, Im sure that you can think of other ways to help.

Who is benefiting?

The community. Here come the Rules:

  1. Any member active in the Beliefnet community for at least 6 months, with a verifiable email address, is eligible to request aid. Since community members give on a per-need basis, to help their friends, the more Beliefnet members who know you, the more likely it is you can get help.
  2. Any utility bill, rent or mortgage payment or other necessary bill (the fund administrator/committee will determine necessity) may be paid, provided that funds are available.
  3. No money will be paid directly to the Beliefnet member, all money will be paid directly to the creditor.
  4. Requests will be handled on a first come/first served basis (or based on the necessity and fund availabilty should more than one request come in at the same time).
  5. Anyone requesting aid must be willing to disclose physical address and account information to the administrator of the fund.
  6. All details of the fund will be kept confidential. Only fund balances, incoming donation amounts and outgoing payment amounts will be made public via the web page. Detailed record keeping will be available upon request, though individual names may be removed for privacy sake.
  7. If you are an active member of the Beliefnet community, apply for assistance by sending an e-mail to the Fund administrator at

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For more information about the Friends of Beliefnet Community Fund please write to Thank you for your generous support!