Start a Beliefnet Forum

To Start a New Beliefnet Forum

Beliefnet is happy to provide a discussion forum for any faith community. No matter what your beliefs are, if you have even a small group of people who want to talk about those beliefs with one another, you can have a discussion forum on Beliefnet.

You can start a small forum yourself, right away.
  1. If your faith is related to another faith tradition for which there is already a forum, go to that forum and begin a discussion about your faith.

  2. Or, start a discussion in one of these locations:
  3. Invite friends to join you for conversation in your new discussion area. When your group is active, e-mail Beliefnet and tell us about it. If there is enough activity, we will expand your discussion into a separate message board.

  4. All message boards on Beliefnet are hosted by volunteer members of the community. For your community to have its own board, someone must volunteer to be the host.
Good luck and we hope to hear more from you on Beliefnet!