What makes a community? People! At the heart of Beliefnet are the people who gather here each day to talk about spirituality, belief, and life in general. We invite you to meet some of our more influential citizens--Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Wiccan and atheist--who have inspired the greater Beliefnet community to talk, think, laugh, and grow in the year 2000. Be sure to visit Beliefnet Discussions where you can talk with them and thousands of others.

Across a diversity of discussions he has remained both open to the thoughts of others and steadfast in his internal surety. His thoughtful and heartfelt articulations of his faith have inspired and challenged me to examine and articulate my own faith, so that both others and I can gain greater understanding. -Calico
For his articulation, compassion and passion for his subject. And for challenging me. -LanceF
He strives to keep a 'human face' on Christianity. -earstohear
Your intelligence and passion shine like a beacon over this entire site. -Ed
Sharktacos, for being such an amazing representative of his faith. -Honor
Sharktacos is a great spokesperson when it comes to explaining the beauty of Christianity to people who have had negative experiences of it. -Sparrowhawk
For being challenging and inspirational... but perhaps more to the point wise, sane, and very well spoken. -tylik

One of our first active members, Ed was the guiding light who brought people of many faiths together to create the Multi-Faith Forum. For sincerity, great insights and questioning concepts. -zenman1
He was very welcoming to me, and taught me a lot about the downsides of rationalism. He is a very good at going between the different faiths and understanding them and us. -sharktacos
For being challenging and inspirational... but perhaps more to the point wise, sane, and very well spoken. -tylik
For challenging me in his compassionate, polite way. -LanceF
one of the first people I connected to in the early days, who made me decide that Buddhism deserved a deeper look. -Calico

For having gone through it and come out as beautiful and sensitive. -zenman1
This woman consistently amazes me. Her style is poetic, her ideas beautiful, her courage inspiring. -Ed

Conversing with KWinters has made me think, pray, wonder, and learn. -callalily
She asks the truly deep questions. -Calico
She represents the Buddhist Path with intelligence, grace, and compassion. Perhaps more than anyone else, I greet her name above a posting with a pleasant feeling of anticipation, and am rarely if ever disappointed. -Ed

dariaMcB is a well-known name in Beliefnet prayer circles, where she quietly but faithfully follows a calling to a ministry of prayer. She is also the author of the daily Gratitude Journal, one of Beliefnet's most amazing prayer circles.

She is a beautiful soul with a heart warm enough to thaw the winter snow. -AmaraS
Ex-nun, true Christian, and honorary member of the Beliefnet Pagan community, who spreads comfort and reassurance wherever she goes. -Calico

Sparrowhawk challenged me to evaluate myself, and my experiences, to express myself clearly and to remember that in the end of everything Love matters more than roads. -AmaraS
If I ever switch back to Christianity, it will be due to her influence. You have brightened this place immeasurably. -Ed

I admire Arosophos for his ability to respond respectfully and without rancor and for the care he obviously takes in presenting his views. He has been an admirable advocate of faith. -Grasshopper
For his clear thinking, articulation and ability to almost always stay polite in any situation. -LanceF
Always challenging in a good way. -Ed

Honor inspired the community by starting a Fight the Hatred With Love campaign in response to the presence of white supremacists.
Her love and humor has touched my heart during some very rough times. -AmaraS

Sister Alia
Her passionate yet articulate defense of Islam has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn about a strong and noble faith. -Calico

indrani and ED VIS
For deep commitment and daily inspirational postings, and excellent Hinduism info that bridges the faiths. -zenman1

A courteous and uncompromising atheist, who reads the way a college professor should sound. -Calico

A lady for whom I have the utmost respect. -Honor
I have come to respect her extensive and deep knowledge base, and her forthright honesty. -Calico

Her every post is fascinating. -Ed

The quality which has set Grasshopper apart, in my mind, is his apparent open-minded willingness, even urgent desire, to consider others' beliefs and, to the extent he thinks them true, incorporate them into his own; furthermore, he does this, so far as I can tell, not indiscriminately, but with care. -Arosophos

If you are familiar with him, no explanation is necessary. If you aren’t, none is sufficient. -Ed

These are just a few Beliefnet citizens who have helped to make this a great community site. There are so many more: Albie, Ann123, arjun, bashmore, bcbarrett, brenz7, cherubino, ChickieShortlegs, circlefist, Collectively_Unconscious, cuckoo, dbible, dschellb, earstohear, Ed Vis, gailwardlaw, god_is_in_the_tv, GodisLove, Goodshepherd, Hatman, IgnorantSage, im4m, InterfaithRev, jamjam, JohnPetty, jupiter, Kemmer, kennyminot, khale, kybalionist, Makhris, MuslimPoet, nealybob, Oversoul, pithbgon, promises, qwesamluu, reconcilehope, ReverendMonkey, Revinpitts, river8101, rosebysea, Rowan of Clearwater, slovorage, thom, tylik, weeder, world citizen, Worldly_Christian, zenman, and on and on… each individual is remarkable in his or her own way, and each deserves a full profile. We invite you to visit the Beliefnet discussions and join the conversation with them!

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