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bookcase-chairs-clean-667838Having the right environment is necessary for success.  For instance, a peaceful and stable home life gives us a space in which we can truly thrive.  By contrast, a household full of stress and friction keeps us overwhelmed and unable to focus on what we need to do to achieve our goals.

The blessing for us as adults is that we have the power to create our environment. Our environment isn’t being provided by our parents, who may or may not have the skills and maturity to give us a proper home life.

The question then for each of us is this: How do we create an environment that gives us the best chance at achieving our goals? Below are some ways to set yourself up with the right environment for success. Consider following these suggestions and watch your life flourish.

Eliminate the Noise: I am always surprised when I enter other people’s homes, and there is so much racket. The television is blaring non-stop. People are glued to their iPhones or their computers. It is as if they are uncomfortable with their own thoughts, so they need constant distraction.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the occasional distraction. We all need downtime. But to achieve anything meaningful, you need to have focused time to think and create. And that requires turning off the television and not looking at the Internet, both of which are massive time wasters.

In order to break the television and Internet habit, they cannot be a regular part of your lifestyle. The television cannot be on all day as “background noise.” If you need some sound in the background, my goodness, listen to classical music. Likewise, your phone cannot be permanently attached to your hand. It has to be something that you might look at on occasion during the day, but not non-stop.

You cannot accomplish anything if you are allowing your brain to be bombarded with information from the television and the Internet. You have to control those distractions and eliminate the noise.

Tidy Up Your Space: A messy room reflects a messy mind. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to train yourself to be a clear, focused thinker. And that starts with being a tidy person.

If your environment is a jumbled mess, you won’t be able to think clearly. When there is a minimum of clutter, that allows you to concentrate and have clarity. And when you have clarity, then you are able to be truly productive.

One way to objectively determine if your personal space needs to be cleaned up is to take a photo of your room, or the rooms in your home. When we are living in a certain environment, it is hard to be objective. However, when we look at a photo of a room, it becomes abundantly clear where the problems lie. The smallest amount of clutter pops out like the eyesore that it is.

If you clean up your environment, you will be surprised at how much more relaxed you will be. You’ll feel like your life is under control, and you will know that you are well-equipped to achieve any goal that you set your mind to.

Organize Your Life: Being organized is a key component to being successful.  It is far easier to be successful when you have time to focus on your goals – rather than spending your time putting out fires. Something as simple as tracking down your Social Security Card or birth certificate can become a major headache if you don’t have your important documents in one place.

When you pay your bills on time and keep your belongings organized, life becomes so much easier. You aren’t hunting around for car keys when you need to get out the door. And you aren’t searching for your passport the morning of your trip overseas.

Being organized makes you feel like you are an accomplished adult, and there is no task that you can’t handle. That kind of confidence is what you need for success. That way, when you have Big Dreams that you want to accomplish, you won’t feel daunted. Instead, you’ll know that since you are successful and organized in most areas of your life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be successful in all areas.

Being successful is the result of creating an environment in which you can thrive. That means having an environment which is quiet, peaceful and organized, an environment that is optimal for you to achieve great things. This week, consider creating an environment that allows you to achieve your greatest goals.

(Photo Courtesy of Pexels)


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