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This past weekend, I attended a family wedding. A lot of time and money went into this event.  It paid off.  The ceremony and reception flowed flawlessly.  It was a perfectly orchestrated event.

We expend a lot of effort on events like these – weddings, graduations, baptisms, etc.  And that’s all good.  There is nothing wrong with a celebration.

But so often we leave these events feeling a little hollow. I think we feel that way because we were hoping that the event would generate one of life’s Big Moments.  The problem is that you can’t pay for Big Moments.  You can’t plan for them.  They aren’t the product of a catered functions or glamorous trips.

Life’s Big Moments happen unexpectedly. They come out of nowhere and catch you by surprise.  They aren’t something that you can create.

For example, when my husband had surgery last summer, things did not go according to plan. While we were at the hospital, we didn’t have time to process what was happening.  All we could do was react to the situation as best as we could.  But afterward, we had a very honest talk about the stress of the experience and how grateful we were for each other.  That conversation was a Big Moment, and one that I will never forget.

Last year, my daughter competed at a ballroom dance competition. She performed a waltz with her partner to a gorgeous, lilting piano piece.  It was surprisingly magical.  She looked so beautiful and elegant when she danced.  The performance simply took my breath away.  Another Big Moment.

I wish we could pay for Big Moments. I wish that every penny spent on vacations, fancy dinners and outings yielded an appropriate number of Big Moments.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.  Vacations are opportunities to relax and sight see.  Dinners out are opportunities for good food and conversation.  Nothing more.

Big Moments occur when we least expect them to. They are moments when we experience unexpected beauty.  They can happen when we have a candid conversation with someone in which we share our deepest feelings about how important they are to us.  They can happen when we look at our spouse, child or friend, and realize how empty our lives would be without that person.

Big Moments are the ones in which we feel so blessed to be alive at that very moment, that it is almost overwhelming. How can we mere humans possibly create such moments?  We can’t.  They are gifts from God.

So, spend your time and money to enjoy life, to celebrate important occasions, and to give yourself opportunities for rest and relaxation. But know that the Big Moments that we all seek are not something we can pay for or create.  All we can do is to be exceedingly grateful when they occur.

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