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Spring will soon be upon us. Our thoughts now turn to airing out our homes, purging our belongings and making everything shiny and clean.  It also is a good time to spring clean our minds.

Every so often, our minds, like our homes, need a spring cleaning. We so easily can get in the habit of negative thinking.  Our minds, like our homes, need to be purged of what isn’t useful or good.

Below are some thoughts that I suggest you clean from your mind. Put them out to the curb and give yourself a fresh start to spring.

  1. “I Can’t” Thoughts:  You can do anything that you set your mind to. If what you want to do is in line with God’s purpose for your life, then with conviction and hard work, you will accomplish it. Remember that we are not limited by other people or by our circumstances. We only are limited by the “I can’t” talk that goes on inside our heads (or sadly, the “you can’t” talk we may hear from others). Anyone who has ever achieved anything great has had to purge the “I can’t talk” from their minds. I encourage you to do the same.
  2. “The Grass Is Greener” Thoughts: Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for frustration. What I’ve learned over the years is that there will always be someone who is smarter, more attractive, more talented and more successful than I am. But I’m not supposed to be focused on what others have. Instead, I am supposed to focus on my own unique mix of talents.  God has made each of us with certain attributes so that we can best fulfill our special purpose on this earth. So, make the most of the gifts and talents that you’ve been given, and don’t worry about the gifts and talents of others.
  3. “I Can’t Make a Difference in This World” Thoughts: You would be shocked at the incredible power that you have to change the life of another human being for the better. A small word of encouragement can set someone on the path to fulfilling his or her dreams. A simple compliment can give someone confidence. A note telling someone that you’ve been thinking about them can make that person feel less alone in the world. Our words and actions have tremendous power. For example, when I was in high school, my English teacher paid me a small compliment about my writing. I have carried that compliment with me for 30 years. It has emboldened me to accomplish things that I would not have done otherwise. So, know the power you possess and change someone else’s life for the better.
  4. “I’m Not Important” Thoughts: If you are alive and breathing, God has a plan for your life and a purpose for you to fulfill. You are important. And you have something very important to offer the world. Your job is to figure out what God wants you to do with your life, and then pursue that goal with all your energy and passion. We each are called to bless the world. Some of us may be called to make a positive difference to other people. Others may be called to help animals or the environment. Whatever your calling, know that your contribution to this world is an important one.

Our thoughts directly impact what we achieve and how we experience the world. So this week, take some time to do some mental spring cleaning.  Get rid of the negative thoughts that may be holding you back from accomplishing great things and being a blessing to this world.

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