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pexels-photo-111251 cathedral AHaving goals and aspirations is part of healthy living. If we don’t have them, we are stagnating.  We aren’t trying to improve ourselves or our circumstances.  But when we set goals, they ultimately should be for the purpose of serving God.  If our goals aren’t inspired by God, they will seem hollow.

I think the easiest way to check whether your goal is God inspired is this: Can you articulate how your goal will allow you to better serve God on earth?  So for example, there is nothing wrong with wanting to earn more money.  But the purpose of earning a higher income is so that you have enough to help others who are in need, whether they be family, friends or strangers.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in a leadership position at your job. But your purpose in having a leadership position should be to improve the lives of those who work for you by being a compassionate and kind leader.  On a more basic level, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose 10 pounds.  But the goal should be to want a healthy body that is fit to serve others.

Our goals don’t feel right when they aren’t in line with God’s purpose for our lives. If my only goal is to make some extra cash in order to buy an expensive purse, when I finally get that purse, I won’t be satisfied.  I may get some compliments, but I otherwise will feel unsatisfied.  If I get a big promotion, the added responsibility will feel overwhelming, unless I realize that the purpose of my getting the promotion is to help those who report to me.

This is why so many people who find fame and fortune end up being unhappy. There is nothing wrong with being paid well and being at the top of your field.  But the fruits of your labors should be used for the happiness of your spouse and your children, and to make the world a better place.  If you achieve success, but only satisfy your own ego, that isn’t a good return on your investment.  Your success should allow you to do good things for others.

I’ve noticed that people who are truly happy are the ones whose ultimate goal is to serve God. Their success is inspired by a desire to do more for others and to be better human beings.  As a result, their success isn’t hollow.  They don’t just have a luxury car or a fancy house or a high paying job.  In addition to all that, they make the world a better place.  They serve their spouse and their children.  They serve their extended families and the larger community.  Their success allows them to be helpful with their time, money and resources.

This week, consider your goals. What end result are you trying to achieve?  Make sure that your goals are inspired by God.  Make sure that by achieving them, you will be able to be a better representative of God on earth.

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