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About ten years ago, my mother taught me how to knit.  She is a very good knitter, and since we are both left-handed, she was able to teach me when no one else could.  After learning how to knit, I had very grand ideas about becoming a fabulous knitter.  I would see beautiful yarn at the craft store and buy enough to make a shawl.  Or I would pick up two skeins of yarn to knit a scarf.  After a couple of years, I had a vast collection of yarn – but I hadn’t actually knit anything.  This yarn collection moved with me from the U.S. to the Middle East, and then back to the U.S.  Yet very little knitting was accomplished over the years.

Recently I decided to give away all my yarn and needles, and thus give up my dream of becoming a bona fide knitter.  Truth be told, I’m not a very good at it.  I’m average.  At most, I could teach you how to do a basic garter stitch.  Moreover, I don’t really enjoy it.  I wish I did.  However, I’m not one to sit for very long, unless I am writing or reading a good book.  Otherwise, I am up and about doing things.  In fact, I rarely sit down to watch television.  The most I can do is sit through a movie rental on occasion.

We all come to points in our lives when we have to give up our version of “knitting.”  We have to give up pursuing things that don’t fit our skills.  I, of course, will never advocate for anyone to give up on their dreams.  However, I do think that we need to focus on using our God-given gifts.  It is important that we spend our time doing those things that we were “built” to do.  Sewing machines were made to sew, not to blend food.  I was made to write, not to knit.

There is nothing wrong with admiring other people’s talents, whether they be in music or art or intellectual pursuits.  There are many people that I admire.  I am wowed by my mother’s knitting and her musical gifts on the piano and the organ.  I am impressed by my pastor’s abilities as a public speaker and worship leader.  And I am amazed at my daughter’s skills in ballroom dancing.  When she dances, it is pure elegance.  We should admire other people.  And we should tell them so!

However, when we consider how we are going to spend our time on this earth, we need to take a close look at ourselves.  As Socrates said, “Know thyself.”  Those two words that hold a tremendous amount of wisdom.  We need to remind ourselves that God created each of us uniquely.  We each have certain gifts that are like no one else’s.  It is our job to discover those gifts, refine them and then use them to serve the world.

This week, think about whether you have any “knitting needles” that you need to get rid of.  Have you been pursuing goals and dreams that don’t fit your skill set, but yet seem like admirable pursuits?  If so, consider whether you instead should be focusing your time and energy on those things that you are suited to do.  God has given you gifts that He wants you to use.  He has a special purpose for your life.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from that purpose.  If you follow it, you will be happier, more successful and a true blessing on this earth.

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