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Sometimes we know exactly what God’s purpose is for our lives. We have heard that still small voice inside our hearts, and we know what it is that we our called to do. And yet, we wait to do anything about it. Why? I think many of us wait because our circumstances are not perfect.

The problem is that our circumstances will never be perfect. We will never have the right amount of time, money, or connections. We will never have the perfect education, skills or credentials. So we need to bloom where we are planted. We need to keep working to fulfill God’s plan for us, even if everything isn’t as we think it should be.

How do we do this? How do we do what God asks of us, even if the timing seems horribly off? Below are some ways to forge ahead from where you are today, by doing your part and letting God do the rest:

  1. Ignore the Facts. Anyone who has done something great has had to ignore the facts. The facts keep us in mediocrity. The facts will tell you that the statistics are against you doing anything amazing with your life. Leave the statistics to the statisticians. Achievers don’t live in a world of statistics. If Barack Obama had believed the statistics, he would not have run for President. Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have run either. People who have achieved greatness in their lives did so because they ignored the facts. That is what makes them special. Otherwise, they are no different from you or me.
  2. Believe In Your Hidden Dreams. If you have a secret dream to do something great, that is a gift from God. God planted that dream in your heart. We all don’t have the same hidden dreams. They are unique for each one of us. So if you feel called to do something great that will benefit the world, that is a sign of God’s special purpose for your life. You need to honor that dream and do all you can to achieve it. Even if your circumstances scream “No, I can’t!” have faith and shout louder, “Yes, I can!!!”
  3. Do What You Can. Doing what you can with what you have today is enough. Don’t listen to what the world says that you need in order to achieve your dreams. For instance, you don’t need to be accepted into Julliard in order to become a great musician. You likewise don’t need a million dollars to start your own catering business. You simply need to use what you have, and then work hard. Hard work trumps opportunities, talent and luck every time. If you work hard and remain faithful, God will do the rest.
  4. Be Flexible. Life is a meandering journey. I know very few people for whom it is a straight line. Instead there are twist and turns. And there are disappointments. Be willing to keep plowing ahead to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. When I look back on my own life, the path has been so unusual that I can scarcely make sense of it. And yet, every so often a little piece will fall into place. Sometimes I can see how one part of the journey has prepared me for the next. For example, the skills I’ve learned in the past have prepared me for what I need to do today. And the disappointments I’ve experienced have given me the maturity that I’ve needed to handle life’s challenges. So keep forging ahead with your dreams, and realize that the path toward your goals will not look like anything that you’ve envisioned.
  5. Run Your Own Race. I’ve written about this concept before, but it bears repeating. You are a unique individual. There is no one else like you. And God’s plan for your life is like no one else’s. So comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. It is like comparing apples to oranges. You are not expected to achieve your life’s purpose in the same amount of time and in the same way as anyone else. All you need to do is to keep working hard, listen to that still small voice and try to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God. That is enough.

When we simply try to bloom where we are planted, a world of possibilities opens up. We are no longer restricted by our circumstances. Instead, our only restrictions are the ones which we place on ourselves.

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