We love when a baby’s stunning smile radiates from a portrait.  Whether leaning on a lacy pillow or clutching a teddy bear, these two cherubs are definitely camera-ready.  Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader tammy01   Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Bouncybaby  

There’s no one more photogenic than this camouflage cutie (remember her?).  She’s ready to conquer the world with her bright-eyed exuberance. Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader Mlyons619

You’ve heard that pet owners begin to resemble their pets (and vice-versa) through the years…so see how these kid pet owners already match their pets in the four portraits below.  Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?   Bat Boys Curly Cuties    Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader Bouncybaby

What’s more darling than two girls in pink and polka dot bows?  Two girls who are sweet sisters in coordinating outfits! Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader Theballerina

What gorgeous lashes and sparkling eyes! We featured this little lady a while back with sunglasses (They Call Me ‘Shades’).  Without the sunglasses, we discovered her pretty peepers.  There’s no doubt who will grow up to be a beauty! Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader miss Bella

Get a load of these hats! These two sets of twins are wearing hats with twisty, tall peaks.  The colorful blue and purple knit get our vote for their “rabbit” (or is it “mouse”?) ears.  Photos: Shared by Beliefnet reader Bouncybaby

The cherubic cheeks and colorful giraffe bib is what we love about this cutie!

Remember this swing kid?  He’s back again, and this time he’s ready for a little evening adventure in his stroller. Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Rebecca

ParentDish.com posted an article about this viral YouTube video of Jessica, an adorable four-year-old girl with curlicues. Standing on top of her bathroom sink, Jessica proudly and defiantly shouts out what she loves about her life. Watch the utterly cute video called “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation”:   Here is what Jessica was saying to the mirror:…

Baby vs. Dog.  Who will win the battle to get through the doggie door first?  Our bets are on baby! Photo: Shared by Beliefnet reader Bouncybaby

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