Did you know that 90% of an icebergs mass is underwater and can extend  between 600 to 700 feet below the surface? But what is the purpose of an iceberg? I mean they can be as big as Connecticut so there must be a purpose ( not that size has anything to do with it) like all of creation. Icebergs do have very complex ecosystems and life thrives on and around icebergs. The melting away can create a pool of freshwater extending out a mile wide. So, in fact they do have purpose. And why I’m I talking about icebergs? Because have you ever felt anonymous? You know, unknown, unseen, useless. A good chunk of our lives takes place on the sidelines or better yet hidden much like an iceberg. It may feel stagnant. It may feel like it’s just not meant to be. Whatever that thing is, the one thing that keeps you up at night. What you daydream about. The desire of your heart. Something you have worked so hard on. Something you have tried over and over only to feel like it’s just not working.

An artist surprises their fans with a new album after four years. A writer comes out with a new book two years later. A woman becomes pregnant for the first time after trying for five years. All of a sudden there is buzz and excitement about this new turn of events but what we don’t always understand especially in our own lives is stuff had to go down underneath the surface. We had to press in. We had to keep trying. We had to stay up late. We had to work with no pay. We had to lay things down. We had to check our character ( Typically we don’t do well at character checks until something goes wrong and we are finally humbled). We have to get up and try again. We had to work in the dark.

We want things to come quickly. We don’t like to wait our turn yet there is something being built, created in the dark places that takes time. Don’t rush the process and preparation. And don’t compare. Comparison is a thief. You have a set time for the people you need to meet who will help you and when that happens, you will breakthrough the surface and be seen. Enjoy where you are, nothing is by coincidence and keep actively waiting for the desire of your heart to come to you.



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