It’s all going to be okay…. wait not okay… Who wants just okay? I sure don’t. I want all that God has for me and let me assure you He’s a big God with a Big imagination. There is simply nothing that He cannot do. I am sorry to disappoint you if you have been living differently but you don’t have to. See, here’s the solid truth, the real deal, not some man made version, or scientific fact but God’s word, His promise. We were made for more! Get on your knees, or in your favorite chair, or go lay in the grass but start asking God….

Why am I here?

What is my gift/s?

Show me how to be used by you?

Set fire to my passions that possibly have been dormant for years or decades. Unleash your power, Lord

Don’t walk but run towards your creator. Stop living offended or wishing you had someone else’s life. It’s insulting to God because He created you, set you apart for purpose, with intent. Get up, get up, get up and move! See you stay stuck when you don’t move. You may say “Well, that’s great advice and all but I don’t know where to move to?” “My life is a mess and I can’t even pick my head up let alone my heart off of the floor.” I understand because I have been there and will possibly be there again. Listen Up! This is what you do, my precious little peanut butter cookie, ( I really like peanut butter cookies so thought I would add that term of endearment) You pull yourself out of bed, put on your yoga pants, throw your hair in a messy bun, please brush your teeth and drive to the bookstore. Walk inside and buy a (NIV) Life Application Bible. From there, go get yourself a cup of coffee, latte, or tea and sit down with your “Key.” The key is the word of God and it is ALIVE. Start anywhere, I don’t care and neither does God. After you have spent at least 30 minutes in the word ( really no more than that in the beginning, we want you coming back), get back into your car and turn your Spotify off and talk to Jesus. It does not matter what you say because He is well aware of what is hurting you. Do you want His help? That is what moving forward is all about. You are not suppose to know about tomorrow so stop living there and see what God wants to reveal to you today. It is treasure that is not from this world and the minute you experience “His treasure” you will never be the same. Yes, it is that powerful and life giving, nothing will ever compare once you see the power of God front and center in your own life. God wants to be Glorified. Do you think God wants to leave you in despair, lacking? Not a chance because you are His most valuable of all creation. Get it into your mind that you are an Heir!

Each day you make a conscious choice of moving closer to Him, the shackles will start to fall away, the pain will diminish, the change will come. I say these last two words with love, only love….NOW MOVE

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