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We all have this perception of how our lives should be… We strive to reach our dreams by planning and preparing not once thinking that things can take a turn for the worst…. and when it does, where are we left?

I was sitting in this restaurant recently observing others enjoying themselves with friends and family, wondering how many, if any, even give a thought to God- our creator? As I have grown in my relationship with Christ, I have slowly realized I am nothing and can really do nothing apart from Him. I have come to lean on Him when my life seems completely out of control and I have come to lean on Him when I am having really awesome days too. I know in the depths of my being that I do not want to live a minute of this life anymore without the one who is really in control and only wants good things for me. I have found the greatest of all treasures and my hope is that this story will help you realize how much you need God too.

I would attend a church service out of town at a church I found online the next day. The sermon was on the life of Joseph- From the Pit to the Pinnacle- What do you do on the worst day of your life? There will come a time in everyone’s life, where you find yourself in a deep, deep pit- The loss of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, loss of a job, financial pressures, sickness, oppression, heartache, loneliness, scandal, and so forth.

The story of Joseph is one of the great dramas of the Bible. A young man is favored by his father and is consequently hated by his brothers. The brothers conspire to rid themselves of Joseph, and sell him as a slave to a caravan of Ishmaelites, headed for Egypt. Doing right by his Egyptian master wins Joseph Potiphar’s favor, which makes Joseph the most powerful man under his authority. Remaining faithful to his master by rejecting his wife’s advances angers her, and causes Joseph to be imprisoned on false charges. Eventually, Joseph is elevated to the second highest position in the land, and then God uses a famine to bring his brothers to Egypt. He has the perfect opportunity to get revenge, but he does not do so. Joseph’s dealings with his brothers will eventually bring them to repentance, and thus they will be reconciled as a family. Joseph plays a very key role in the history of the nation Israel, and his example has much to teach us as well. Joseph’s character remained in tact in the pit and God blessed him beyond his wildest dreams.

The Bible is key to our spiritual growth and the teaching on Joseph is a prime example of how God can take us from the pit of heartaches, losses, injustice, and disappointments to the pinnacle of success. What God did in Joseph’s life, he can also do in yours too. Here are some keys that will help you when you are struggling ( in the pit)…

1. Always trust God in the Pit- Remember that you belong to God and God can do absolutely anything- never lose your faith in who God truly is. If He can create the entire world in 6 days, then He can surely change your life.

2. The Character trait in the pit is perseverance- seldom do we get out of the pit quickly because there are lessons to be learned. Some of the greatest men in the Bible spent years in the pit. God won’t let you down and He won’t let you drown. Take it day by day and praise God for being with you.

3. Admit that you are in a Pit- Denial will keep you in the pit much longer than God intends. Face the facts, seek wise counsel and surround yourself with others who will lift you up.

4. Acknowledge your responsibility- What was your part? Don’t play the victim or blame game.

5. Accept help from others- Allies in your life that will help you through this time. People who will actually hold you accountable and speak truth over you. We all have friends and family that will tell us what we want to hear.. We need to seek wise counsel.

6. Allow God to grow your character- If you don’t learn from your wrong ways and your mistakes, then you may very well stay in the pit until you do. Don’t take shortcuts with your character. The Bible is a great tool for learning and recognizing your weak areas. The Bible will never comfort you with a lie but will speak to you in total truth. God sees all anyways, so don’t think for a minute he doesn’t know what we are up to.


On the way home that night, we saw traffic coming to a stand still on the highway. There was debris all over the highway and cars were quickly pulling over onto the shoulder; people were running towards a car that had flipped. The car was completely crushed; people were on their phones and I could hear screaming. I knew in that moment, lives were changed forever. I immediately started praying and could not shake the horror of what I saw that night. This life is not meant to be taken for granted because we are like flowers of the field, here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t wait because of your pride or wrong mind set to tell someone how important they are to you.

Now is the time to go to God, don’t wait until you are in the pit. Everyone will cry out to God at some point whether they believe or not.

With God things are better and without God things are bitter- The only difference is one letter and that letter is I.






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