Joel and I hate to admit this, but we’ve have had one hell of a week. And City Bible Church was one hell of a church. We don’t want to rush our reviews because we both feel they might be the most important ones we’ve written yet. You can expect my post within the next day or so and Joel’s shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, feast your eyes upon the majesty of this lovely prayer list, brought to you by the good pastors of City Bible Church. I’m not sure Joel and I even need to finish our write-ups; this list speaks for itself…

1. PRAY FOR a special grace to rest on Pastors Frank and Sharon to lead CBC with strength, wisdom, and a substantial impartation of faith.

2. PRAY FOR Pastor Frank’s summer ministry trip to Hope Church’s 20 Year Anniversary Conference in Tokyo, Japan, for the MFI Leaders Conference in Singapore, and the Revival Chinese Training Conference in Hong Kong, with 5,000 leaders from China’s underground church.

3. PRAY FOR the All Church Leadership Retreat in June to be a powerful time of spiritual refreshing, spiritual enlargement, and new faith for vision.

4. PRAY FOR the summer series, “I John: Live Like Jesus.” This is a great book and an awesome theme. Start reading it every day now and ask God to illuminate your spirit as you read and meditate on the book.

5. PRAY FOR the smooth sale of our 217 campus property. We will still be at this campus after the sale, doing church the same as always.

6. PRAY FOR Andrew Damazio’s wedding on July 22. This is a big celebration. Pray for everything to be great and for God to bless Andrew and Julia.

7. PRAY FOR the church giving this summer to excel in faith and joy. Pray God will provide jobs, bless our business people, and open up new avenues of revenue.

8. PRAY FOR God to help us bring life and grace into our metro area and to see many salvations, prodigals returning, and new families added to the church.

9. PRAY FOR the Pearl Campus. We need to continue growing this campus. Pray for supernatural favor, new open doors, and the best locations for us.

10. PRAY FOR a special anointing of rest, relaxation, and great health upon the Damazio family, our church, and all families. Pray for fun this summer, lots of sun, and new strengthened friendships.

In a parish of more than 6,000 people, apparently not a single member is sick, dying, grieving, struggling or downtrodden, and the only wedding worth praying for is the one the lead pastors are paying for.

And this is the least of our problems with this behemoth…

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