joel osteen, victoria osteen, joel and victoria osteenIn Luke 10, it talks about Jesus going to the house of two sisters. Both acted very differently when He arrived. Mary chose to just sit at His feet and soak in every word He was saying. Martha chose to serve Jesus, working tirelessly to make preparations for Him. She wanted everything to be perfect. Martha began to get frustrated because she was doing all the work and her sister, Mary, was just sitting there. She said, “Jesus, could You tell Mary to get up and come help me? I mean there’s so much that needs to be done here, and I’m the one doing all the work.”

Now, how often do we approach Jesus with the same attitude as Martha? “Jesus, do You see how hard I’m working? Do You see how overwhelmed I am? Can You get someone to help me? Do You notice how much I’m doing for You?” I think Jesus would respond to us today in the same way He responded to Martha. He said, “Martha, you are worried about a lot of things, but only one thing is needed and Mary has chosen the good thing.” See, Mary chose to take time to be in Jesus’ presence. She set everything else aside to learn from Him and receive His grace and mercy.

When we make time to sit in the sweet presence of Jesus, we are choosing the one thing that is needed. That’s because in His presence, we will find strength, wisdom and joy for this journey of life. When we put Him first on our priority list, everything else will fall into place.

Today, if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or overburdened by the cares of this world, remember, only one thing is needed. If you are looking for direction or wisdom to make better decisions, only one thing is needed. If you are facing challenges at work, in your finances or relationships, only one thing is needed. No matter what is coming against you, no matter how much you think you have to do, make time for the Timeless One. Come into His presence because He wants to refresh you, rejuvenate you and lead you in His perfect peace and victory today!

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33, NKJ).

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