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Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. So go the words of Exodus 20:8, and in the rabbinic understanding of how to fulfill them, there is an important message that will help us make this Memorial Day a little …Read More

Yesterday at the White House was a moving experience, and a great deal more pleasant than the six hours it took to get home! But that is another story in the worsening state of air travel in America and not …Read More

So its official, American Idol 2010 has a winner and it’s Lee DeWyze. DeWyzes’ victory over the other finalist, Crystal Bowersox, came as no huge surprise to many of the show’s fans and followers in the media. Even though many …Read More

The Bible is being increasingly used to “prove” what a moral, ethical, spiritual, Jewish or Christian (take your pick) stance on US immigration policy would look like. More often than not, such Bible thumping generates more heat than light. But …Read More

I will be spending Thursday afternoon at the White House as part of a group invited by President Obama to join him in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month. I feel deeply honored to have received this invitation. And whatever …Read More

This recently discovered color footage from Israel is remarkable stuff! There are many good reasons to watch it. Among them is the story of it’s discovery in a Boston attic, Shimon Peres’ words at the 11 minute mark in which …Read More

Shavuot 2010 (Pentecost) begins Tuesday night, May 18th. This holiday, originally the festival of first fruits in the Hebrew Bible came to be associated with the story of God giving the Ten Commandments to the ancient Israelites as recorded in …Read More

If God spoke to you, what would you want to hear? Given that Jews are in the final three day countdown to Shavuot and its celebration of revelation at Sinai, it seems like a good time to ask. The final …Read More

No, I am not talking about Barbi Benton or Linsay Vuolo, both whom I know, both whom are Jewish and both of whom have posed for Playboy. Though that is not how I know them. These are a slightly different …Read More

No, I’m not kidding. Exaggerating a little perhaps, but not kidding. Yes, I know that Treyf (Hebrew for that which is not Kosher) is not a new kind of biblically or rabbinically endorsed way of keeping the traditional laws of …Read More