As you read this post, it is already tomorrow morning in Melbourne Australia (still freaks me out), where I am attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions – the world’s largest multi-religious meeting, bringing together 12,000 participants from as many as 200 different faith traditions around the world.
For Beliefnet readers, writers and community members, it’s like going to Disneyland! And I will be posting regular updates the entire time I am here, so stay tuned. Until then, a few basics about the Parliament and a link to their website where you learn a ton about who is there and what is planned:

The first Parliament was held in 1896 in Chicago as part of the World’s Fair. Like now, people had a sense of entering a new phase of globalization, and wanted religion and spirituality to be a part of that move. But the idea that Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus (that was the full range back then!) could share a stage was so unnerving, that it didn’t happen again for 100 years! Then, in 1996, in honor of its 100th anniversary, people organized an event in Chicago to which about 1,000 people came.
Now held every four years, kind of the Olympics of faith, the Parliament has grown to 12,000 and I am honored to be speaking at four major events, including one about media and new ways of connecting spiritually. Clearly, Beliefnet and Windows & Doors will be top of mind.
Feel free to comment here on how they work in your own spiritual life, and I will read some of your responses to those in attendance. Even if you can’t make the trip physically, you too can be a presenter at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, so start telling your story right here!

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