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There is actually a website called The Daily Hitler, and it’s not the product of neo-Nazis seeking their regular fix of the Fuhrer. It’s the work of Israeli artist Nir Avigad. And although I know I am going to get …Read More

What do you think about wearing an “Obamica”? How about covering your head with a “McCippah”? Well, now you can. A recent post at describes Shmuel Tennenhaus’ new business, and it newest products. Take your pick, but you …Read More

And I don’t mean the meat from the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa which packages as much as thirty percent of the kosher beef consumed in this country. But according to today’s New York Times, there are rabbis who disagree …Read More

My recent post about Barack Obama’s Western Wall prayer drew the attention of American Spectator contributing editor Jay Homnick, who was mentioned in it. His comment: How could I be said to be abusing a religious tradition for partisan ends? …Read More

The following question was posed by the editors of the Newsweek/Washington Post blog, On Faith: The ACLU, joined by the ADL, has asked the U.S. Naval Academy to end prayers at mandatory meals, and yet all branches of the service …Read More

American Spectator contributing editor, Jay Homnick wins the award for the pot calling the kettle black. He charges Barack Obama with inappropriately “politicizing” the Western Wall and somehow violating its sanctity: “The Jewish tradition invests it (Western Wall) with a …Read More

Steven Waldman concludes his post on the publication of Barack Obama’s Western Wall prayer note, with a request for responses to the candidate’s prayer. So here is mine: It’s a perfectly appropriate spiritual offering which even reflects many poetic formatics …Read More

Love it, hate it, or some combination of the two, but you gotta pay attention to Heeb magazine’s “Girls of 5769” calendar, featured in both the New York Post and Ha’aretz daily. The latter includes a video of an African-Amercian …Read More

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made a surprise pre-dawn visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Thursday, at the end of a trip aimed at showing his strong support for Israel. Hoping that something truly interesting would …Read More

It appears that the apprehension of former Bosnian Serb leader, Rodovan Karadzic, who was arrested for war crimes yesterday, was due more to ego and the love of costumes than to great police work. Years of searching for the architect …Read More