March 1
…apparently not. March 1 in Birmingham…
Yes, it snowed here last night and well into this morning. Was it predicted? I have no idea- I’d spent Thursday and Friday watching rain storms coming and arriving, and then slacked off the weather -watching which was Michael’s department anyway. (Once, early in our marriage, my father asked what he might get Michael for Christmas. “Well, I said thoughtfully, “He likes the weather.” And he did!) .

It’s very pretty and already melting – I was surprised that it stuck to the ground at all, but a good bit of did -although that around our apartment has been quickly scooped up into snowballs and snowpeople by lots of delighted children – and just as many adults. No electric outlet or monitor required. Just a surprise from the heavens.
Driving to church was interesting, not because of the snow, but because it was also very foggy. 10 AM Mass was maybe half full – and it is usually overflowing. Come on, people!
(Yes, yes, they’re not prepared for snow down here. But seriously – it wasn’t sticking to to roads – although it probably was in the hilly areas, of which there are many in this city.)
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