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There must have been something in the water – both Washington papers carried good articles about Catholics in service to Christ and his people this past weekend. I’ve already  pointed out the piece on A Simple House, which ran in […]

The Pope addressed the topic of the moment – the Holocaust – in his General Audience today. The full text will not be available for a good while, but AsiaNews reports: The Holocaust remains a warning against the power of […]

Okay, American Papist found a MUCH better one!

Four related links which are, in turn, related to frequent themes on this blog: Mark Judge  at the Wa Po  “Just Faith” site called “Just a Catholic.”…on thinking through “liberal” and “conservative” Fr. Robert Barron on “The Next Generation of […]

Williamson is told to stop talking about politics and history. A communique from Bishop Fellay: It has come to our attention that Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of our Society, granted an interview to a Swedish network. In this interview, […]

The priest is old. Beyond retirement age, but still energetic, it appears. And every time he preaches – every time I have heard him, at least, it always comes around to death. It doesn’t matter what the Gospel or the […]

I want to highlight this: “The key issue with the lifting of the excommunications is to take all possible measures to prevent these prelates from conferring the episcopacy on a new generation of Lefebvrites. No new bishops and the thing […]

All right, let’s switch the conversation up here. The reactions are in, most very predictably focusing on Williamson and ignoring the complexities of the situation. I’m going to try my best to stay out of the prediction business, but I […]

The Vatican has posted the Pope’s itinerary on his trip to Africa in March. It’s here.

Today, we celebrate the Conversion of St. Paul. At the Angelus, the Pope said: Paul’s conversion matured in the encounter with the Risen Christ; it was this encounter that radically changed his existence. That which Jesus asks in the Gospel […]