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A couple of things: From my old acquaintance Kevin in Toledo – who was always so helpful sending along great links! – comes another which looks fascinating: Found full text online of vol. 1 of memoirs of Sarah Peter, a […]

Portland Bishop Malone has threatened a sexual-abuse activist with the interdict: The leader of Maine’s Roman Catholics has taken the unusual step of threatening to punish an outspoken advocate for people who were sexually abused by priests, possibly by denying […]

Emilie Lemmons was a 40-year old mother of two young boys, and a long-time writer for the Catholic Spirit, the archdiocesan paper for Minneapolis-St. Paul. A year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, fought it, wrote about […]

The third and last segment of Laurie Goodstein’s excellent NYTimes series on foreign-born priests in the US, focusing on India – and questions about what’s going on – from the supply end. Bishop Pazhayattil said he chose which priests to […]

The second part of the NYTimes series of the foreign-born RC priest in the USA: Father Oneko, 46, had never counseled parishioners like those he found here at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church. Many are active-duty or retired military […]

One of the items I retrieved on the recent trek northward was my box of Flannery O’Connor books. Included was The Presence of Grace and Other Book Reviews. Published in 1983 by the UGA press, it is a collection of […]

Laurie Goodstein has the beginnings of what looks to be a very good series on foreign-born priests serving in the US. So Father Venters, lean and leathery as the Marlboro man — a cigarette in one hand and a cellphone […]

Via Vatican Radio, the Pope’s Midnight Mass homily. Saint Luke’s account of the Christmas story, which we have just heard in the Gospel, tells us that God first raised the veil of his hiddenness to people of very lowly status, […]

…of the Pope’s annual year-end address to the Roman Curia? The one that has inspired many headlines? (The Vatican is usually especially slow about translating this one) Go to the Papa Ratzinger Forum, this page, and scroll down. Teresa Benedetta […]

Vesuvius. A quick bookblog – last week I read The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found by Mary Beard, who is one of the busiest classicists around, considering it seems as if it was only a few months ago […]