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“Benedict XVI Wants More Teamwork With Movements” I’m thinking…what? Is there a Vatican step dance group now? Football? I was very, very confused.

The Pope’s speech to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences: In choosing the topic Scientific Insight into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life, you seek to focus on an area of enquiry which elicits much interest. In fact, many […]

Others aren’t”

One of the accusations tossed against the political end of the anti-abortion movement relates to its relationship with particular political parties. “When,” it is asked in various forms, “are you all going to understand that the GOP is just using […]

Cardinal Egan: One day, please God, when the stranglehold on public opinion in the United States has been released by the extremists for whom abortion is the center of their political and moral life, our nation will, in my judgment, […]

,,,as Michael the Little called it. No, not a baseball post. A brief broadside, offered before two longer posts later today, about the continued lack of seriousness marking Catholic political “discourse” this season. When I say “serious,” I mean a […]

Fr. Robert Araujo, S.J. takes care of it: The distinction that Senator Biden makes in claiming the John XXIII mantle while discarding the John Paul II one does not exist. Both popes were of the same view regarding the evil […]

Intrigued by the new Parish Book of Chant? But hesitant to buy until you can take a look at it? Well, here it is – “embedded” at a post at NLM. Take a look. Pass the link along to pastors […]

This morning, Michael headed over to this with the boys – I wish I could have gone, too, but I’d told Katie we’d take care of some her business this morning (time is hard to come by with a busy […]

Here. God BLESS those who are there, but between the competition with electronics added to the competition with everything else combined with the constant battles over plagiarism…is there any hope? (I’ve been very interested, as my children have gone through […]