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I got absorbed in, er, the news yesterday and since it’s not something I feel qualified on which to blog, I basically forgot about my blog and waiting comments and such. Rectified. Remember the delicious feed, which is updated frequently […]

Today is the feast of St. Vincent de Paul – Here’s a great blog post with lots of links and resources Susan Stabile has a nice reflection Vincent looked at the faces of the poor and the marginalized and what he […]

The Synod of Bishops is coming up – commencing in Rome on October 5. (The last Synod was on the topic of the Eucharist, in the fall of ’05) Here’s the Vatican webpage for the Synod, with all of the […]

A couple of weeks ago, I read Bret Lott’s newest novel, Ancient Highway. If you don’t know who Bret Lott is, you can read a good introduction to him here, at Jeffrey Overstreet’s site, where Jeffrey reprints a segment of […]

The discussion below is interesting – thanks for all of your responses. Again, I didn’t mean to cause offense. I can’t think of a place I’ve lived which, if it were criticized, I’d be “offended.” People live places, like certain […]

I am presently working on a little book about the role of Christ in Pope Benedict’s thought.  It’s not scholarly, aimed, rather at a popular audience, and I’ll only be pulling from his writings as Pope. I will be, more […]

So, I’m sitting here after a morning at the park, eating some leftover salad, getting ready to tackle some Ratzinger. Might as well talk about food. Moving means transition. It means adaptation. It means finding new places to buy your […]

A little bit of book-blogging to ease myself back into this. (Actually, I have another post coming on the rest of the Pope’s visit to France…I’ll get there.) First, some interesting and unusual children’s books we’ve read recently. (By the […]

As regular readers know, we moved this summer, from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Birmingham, Alabama. It’s been interesting and generally fantastic. When I meet folks down here and go through the obligatory “Yeah, we just moved from Indiana….” etc., I […]

I think I’m up for blogging again. I’ve been thinking things over – not just the blog, but writing in general. Trying to sort through things in the New Place, doing the Mom Thing of feeling responsible for everyone’s emotional-well […]