Okay – here are some worthy links for you. Remember – I’ve got the delicious feed over there on the right, updated several times a day with random reads (and yes, I have tried to make it collect them as an automated blog post – but to no avail. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong…), but these are some that merit special mention:
The Miller Sisters Cafe – a group of three young (as in young adult) Catholic sisters (as in biological sisters!) from Virginia who not only have a great website with fresh content but also an inspired idea for witness – “A Gathering Place for Christ-Centered Sisterhood”

Host a Miller Sisters Cafe in your local community.
Who is it for? The program can be tailored to either teen girls or young women.
What is it? A fast-paced, informative, two-hour program with music performances, praise and worship, talks, and videos, applying eternal truths to contemporary issues. As an example, consider Mother Teresa’s simple but profound response when asked about our ultimate purpose, “We were made to love and to be loved.” Only with such deeper truths as a starting point can topics like dating and entertainment be fruitfully explored.
Who is performing and presenting? Nineteen-year-old Marie Miller leads the program. Marie is a recording artist, a devoted student of Christian thought, and an experienced performer and presenter. She is supported by her sisters Carol Lynn and Tess and by subject matter experts via pre-recorded videos.

Where does it take place?
At a local church, school, university, theatre, hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, or any other gathering place that can accommodate a live performance.

Lori at Lori’s Pilgrimage is beginning a multi-part examination of the death of John Paul I. She explains:

Tuesday, August 26, is the 30th anniversary of his election. I’ve started the first in a series of posts in a sort of “expose” debunking the scandalous theories about his supposed murder or near suicide(!) by authors David Yallop and John Cornwell respectively. They are excerpts from a book on this pope that I have been working on for some time. Since the books I mentioned are full of such lies, I want people to know the truth.

Longtime reader Kevin H from Toledo passes on this article about Joe Eszterhas’ book about his conversion.
Fr. Phillip Powell, O.P. is in Rome and back to blogging again. His post on “Behind the Scenes: Religious Life” is pretty much a must-read.
Susan Stabile has a wonderful, thoughtful blog…and has podcasts, too!
The faculty of John Paul the Great University in San Diego has a group blog.
The “RCIA Blog” has great resources for all of you folks involved in RCIA
Some of you may be aware of this, but the KC(MO) diocesan paper, the Catholic Key has been running an excellent expose of the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit – start reading the three posts on their blog dealing with this here.

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