…Barnes, that is, who declared in the WSJ that one of the reasons Kansas Governor Sebelius was probably unacceptable as an Obama VP was because she was…pro-life.

Even the three Democrats Mr. Obama considered but didn’t pick — Sen. Evan Bayh and Govs. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas — would have lent more balance to the ticket.

One reason Mr. Obama balked at those three was their position on abortion, Major Garrett of Fox News reported. While hardly anti-abortion zealots, they are often referred to as pro-life in the media.

Mr. Barnes, may I give you Bishop Naumman’s number?
Scratch that, because I don’t have it either, but honestly.
Denis Boyles at NRO picked up on this yesterday:

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Fred Barnes, who apparently can’t tell your Salina from your Olathe, said Sebelius had been overlooked because she’s considered too pro-life. This is true only if the life in question belongs to an abortion doctor. She’s a creature of the abortion and embryonic-stem-cell industries, both of which have poured enough money into the state’s politics to cover Kansas in two feet of the kind of loose change anyone can believe in. (The gambling industry has provided the folding stuff.) Which is why laws on abortion, which are like most state laws elsewhere, simply go completely unenforced in Kansas (as Phill Kline recently discovered).

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