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…the USPS employee or contracted worker located somewhere between northern Indiana and Nashville, TN. Ahem. I think I’ve figured it out. I think I see where you were coming from. There you were, unloading or loading a truck, or maybe […]

Last night, I finished Lucia: A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon, which was an excellent way to spend time. It’s the story of the author’s great-great-great-great grandmother, born into one of the ruling Venetian families, married into another. […]

Starting of Book Day: There’s discussion here and there about Episcopal Gene Robinson being invited to be present/talk at the RBTE – the Religious Bookseller’s Trade Exhibition, which is being described as a “Catholic” book trade show. Well, sort of.  […]

Sorry for the delay in approving comments. I checked earlier today and there were zero. Just checked again and there were 11. Book stuff coming tomorrow. A wide, wide variety. As per usual. Praying for all those harmed by the […]

The post-papal visit analysis is a week old now, the questions being asked, “What’s the impact? What’s the long-term effect?” The answer? It depends on us. The Pope spoke to everyone while he was in the United States, because he […]

Two stories: Jim Caviezel’s adoption of two older, ill children from China You’ve probably already heard this, but it’s worth noting again – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently gave birth to her fifth child, who has Down Syndrome. She and […]

Signet paperback, 1952. (Book originally published in 1948). Click on image for larger, more detailed version. I’m not quite sure if the images are supposed to be directly related to the book – some of them don’t exactly ring a […]

But I am ranting about my favorite topic over at comments at this post at Inside Catholic.  It’s a subject that interests many of you – “Catholic” fiction – so come join in.

…blog break til Monday. Bookstore is open, 24/7, though. First Communion…Mother’s Day…Confirmation…Graduation….

Send them this: After many false starts, the doors finally opened to reveal the Pope. He came down the steps toward his car and, then, headed toward the barricades on the lawn. I was standing close, but as he approached, […]