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Just a few notes on the death of Legionary founder Marciel Maciel:
1. There is great mystery as to where Maciel was when he died. Various rumors have been passed around, but the LC says nothing more specific than in the United States.  The NYTimes says he died in Houston.
2. The death notice on the official page says that on the date of his death, Maciel is “to heaven.” Although it also asks for prayers for the repose of his soul, the outright statement that he has gone to heaven upon his death is strikingly un-traditional. Perhaps it is a colloquialism?
3. I’m struck by the fact that at least up to this point, there is no telegram made public from the Holy Father sending condolences to the group for the death of their founder, an act that is otherwise standard practice.
A 2006 CNS story conveying the bulk of the statement restricting Maciel’s public ministry.

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