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From Pope Benedict’s homily at Midnight Mass: Saint John, in his Gospel, went to the heart of the matter, giving added depth to Saint Luke’s brief account of the situation in Bethlehem: “He came to his own home, and his […]

No more rumors. Or shall we say, rumours? From Ruth Gledhill: As we reported exclusively that he would, Tony Blair has been received into the Roman Catholic Church. Tony Blair is received into full communion with the Catholic Church. This […]

As Gashwin details, the Trappists of Mepkin Abbey in  SC have been run out of the egg business – their primary source of income – by PETA. You can help them by shopping at their store.

One word:

The official website for the Pope’s visit to the US. Catholic University has its own site, as well. The Pope’s words at yesterday’s General Audience: (The first part of the homily dealt powerfully with justice and the Coming of Christ) […]

…Bash Rowan Williams Train today (based on the headlines), do check out Zadok’s post, which includes a portion of the transcript about what Williams actually said about the Nativity narratives. Short version: he didn’t say that the Magi were legend. […]

The doctrinal note on evangelization from the CDF has been put up on the Vatican website here.

The responses to the “So Tell Me” thread are interesting. Some of the books people are expressing a need for actually exist, though, in one form or another. If you have any suggestions for books that seem to meet the […]

Somehow, this one hasn’t been on my radar at all. Via Kansas City Catholic, a youth ministry called Hard as Nails is garnering some attention. There was an HBO documentary on the ministry last night (which I missed) and it […]

…of the “Doctrinal Note”  – a pdf file.