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First an encyclical, now the copy of the USCCB liturgical music document, Sing to the Lord. (pdf) Via NLM Encyclical-Land to bring you this. I was (and still am) going to do a Golden Compass post next week (the movie is released in the US on 12/7), but I couldn’t wait on this. Using the positive review of […]

16. How could the idea have developed that Jesus’s message is narrowly individualistic and aimed only at each person singly? How did we arrive at this interpretation of the “salvation of the soul” as a flight from responsibility for the […]

The first concrete, personal example that Benedict uses to illustrate the reality of hope: (Note: I am breaking this up into paragraphs which aren’t in the Vatican version. It just makes it easier to read.) Yet at this point a […]

Got your new encyclical right here.. (Zenit has it up as well, including a pdf version, which might be helpful if you want to print it out. Because you have to take read it on the run today. Because you […]

..because nothing says Advent like… The Bratz. I just want to know what’s behind the little doors. I just can’t imagine…

I had never heard of Ephrem the Syrian until a few years ago when I started writing about prayer, and then Mary. Then he was everywhere – in fact, the source of some of the very best, wisest and most […]

Thanks to a commentor for pointing out that the diocese has issued a statement: A STATEMENT FROM  THE DIOCESE OF PHOENIX Re: The Praise and Worship Service – Dale Fushek and Mark Dippre November 27, 2007 On Thanksgiving Day, November […]

Looking for a cause for your youth group, class or..well…family? The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is one of the more well-regarded sponsorship organizations out there, and one of the newer way  of helping those in need around the […]

of Catholic publications with blogs or blog-like features. America Magazine’s blog (Others include Commonweal, the web page/blog of what was formerly the print magazine Crisis – Inside Catholic, and First Things.) Religion News Service also has a blog.