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Today’s GA: The interventions of Maximus in the face of this situation bears witness to his commitment to do something about civil degradation and disaggregation. Even though it is difficult to determine the social composition of the people that his […]

…to fill in my non-blogging void. Reader Julia passes on some links related to a Welsh museum that has rebuilt and restored a small church to its pre-Stripping of the Altars beauty: A BBC article and photo series (from 2006) […]

From the Archdiocese: Bishop-elect Callahan, 57 (born June 17, 1950), is a Conventual Franciscan of the St. Bonaventure Province in Chicago. A native of Chicago, Callahan has served in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as associate pastor of the Basilica of […]

Michael the Toddler (almost 3!) has learned many lessons in his brief life so far. One of them is that when you sneeze, people say either “bless you” or “Gesundheit.” So he responds in kind, politely. He has also absorbed […]

Oh, okay we have our problems with so many facets of the BBC, radio included, but there’s much quality there – Rich Leonardi points us to a series from Eamon Duffy on “Ten Popes Who Changed the World.”  You can’t […]

William Doino, in First Things: Tomorrow, on October 26, the Catholic hero Franz Jägerstätter will be beatified in Linz, Austria. Executed in 1943 for refusing to serve in Hitler’s army, Jägerstätter was once known only to his relatives and neighbors—many […]

Folks are doing some Crispin-blogging today, posting Shakespeare and such. Because they’re noble and erudite.  For my part, I ran across this fascinating artifact – how one cartoonist in Harper’s Weekly used St. Crispin to make a bigoted, fearmongering anti-immigration…er…statement […]

To try to get myself back into blogging shape, a couple of recent hits around here. (And speaking of the other…I’m up to 2.5 miles running/no walking/no stopping. If you’d told me two months ago I’d be back up to […]

Yesterday, Benedict continued his General Audience catechesis by speaking about Ambrose of Milan. The text is here: (I would say that while these all have been good, this one is something special. Even the beginning is a bit different, more […]

Some of you are familiar with one of the mothership mega-churches, Willow Creek in Chicago. Seeker-sensitive, heavily programmed, “innovative,” determined to reach out, bring in those seekers and make disciples out of them.  In the 90’s, the Willow Creek Association was […]