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Son #1: Hey, Mom, you know that Love in the Ruins book you gave me? Me: Yeah? Son #1: I read it. Me. (Hopefully) And? Son #1: It was stupid. I didn’t like it at all. Me: (Deflated) Oh. Son […]

Couple of quick grown-up fiction notes:   Last week, I read Nick Hornby’s How to Be Good, a book I’d meant to read when it first came out. It’s a comic (of course) novel about Katie Carr, a female physician, married with […]

Just a couple of kid book suggestions. Yes, we still visit the library and check out 30 books at a time, which last us a little less than a week. In the chaos that is our house, books do indeed […]

As I have mentioned before, we have a very large population of Burmese here in Fort Wayne, growing by the day. I think around 300 have been resettled this fall with 800 more coming in the first part of 2008. […]

One more. As most of you know, the Connecticut bishops announced this week that they were agreeing to allow Catholic hospitals to adhere to a state law requiring hospitals to give the “Plan B” pill to rape victims without an […]

Cardinal O’Malley has just completed a quite fascinating pilgrimage  = with Metropolitan Methodios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, a joint pilgrimage to Rome, Constantinople and Saint Petersburg. He documented the pilgrimage on his blog with dozens of photos and interesting […]

…bishops will be doing a lot of flying around over the next few days.  As Rocco has noted, the next few days are very busy, US-episcopacy-wise.  Well, it actually started yesterday, with the installation of the new bishop of Pittsburgh, […]

The Pope today ordained 6 bishops (5 Italians and 1 Pole). His homily, via AsiaNews: The celebration took place on the feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. In his moving homily the pope recalled that in the early […]

Had a lovely, lovely time last night, speaking to and with the Chicago Legatus chapter. Great people, interesting conversation, and even a couple of familiar faces! I flew – considering gas prices and the relatively low fare  (in Fort Wayne “International” […]

I have to head to Chicago in a bit, and won’t be back until tomorrow morning, and I have no laptop, so…any comments posted during that time won’t get really and truly posted until Friday.