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The next week will be a busy one for the Pope. There are two journeys on the calendar. Tomorrow and Sunday, he will be in Loreto, in northern Italy, for a gathering of youth called the “Agora.” Here is his […]

A few interesting reactions from here and there: Carl Olson has some excerpts from Christopher Hitchens on MSNBC. The man (Hitchens) is pathological in his hatred of Mother Teresa. What is it in her that riles him so? We can […]

I mentioned the other day that I’d read The Pawnbroker by Edward Lewis Wallant, an American writer who died in 1962 at the age of 36. Two of his novels, including The Pawnbroker, were published during his life, and two posthumously.  […]

Still here. Just working and reading and, in the most absorbing task of the last two or three weeks, potty training. But do you know what? Done!  This time last week, I was near despair. Telling myself that this was nothing […]

Today, the Pope resumed the General Audiences in St. Peter’s Square, and continued his series on the Early Church Fathers – today being Gregory of Nyssa. No full translation of the catechesis yet, but at PRF, there is a good […]

My first post on the story of Mother Teresa’s decades-long struggle with spiritual darkness struck some as “dismissive,” and for that I apologize. That particular reaction was against the press coverage – not the Time article, but the subsequent filtering […]

….because I’m just that kind of person. AKA, a bad one. (Click for bigger screenshot.) (Click here for the list. Changes hourly or something.)

Catholic Spotlight is a series of podcasts sponsored by the Catholic Company. They’re sponsoring a giveaway of 5 signed copies of my newest book Prove It: You. Go here to read more about it and enter. The book is about […]

I have a longer post in mind, which I am going to try to work on bit by bit – on the reactions of the US bishops to the Motu Proprio – but as you can figure out, that’s a […]

There are many ways to evangelize and catechize, many elements of both. One of the problems, both past and present, in figuring out how to do both of these things is the temptation to push everyone through a narrow gate […]