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Sweet. 8:00 PM. The Colbert Report. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, contrôleur général of the Kingdoms of France and Navarre and first minister to the Sun-King, brings his distinctive blend of wikiality and mercantilism to the wacky zoo-like forum of American cable news. […]

Ross Douthat’s take: (After the cut, for those who are unspoiled. Sorry.)

…lest anyone persist in the fantasy that Church Problems = Catholic Problems, take a look at this piece from Christianity Today, a companion piece, almost to William Lobdell’s LATimes piece. Beginning with a small, "casual, hippy-era" (her phrase) church, moving […]

From the Pope’s General Audience, last June: Consequently, we can learn much from St James: promptness in accepting the Lord’s call even when he asks us to leave the "boat" of our human securities, enthusiasm in following him on the […]

At First Things, William Doino, Jr. takes on the treatment of Pius XII in Saul Friedlander’s widely-praised history Nazi Germany and the Jews. These are not the only concerns. Relying on the farfetched claims of Susan Zuccotti, Friedlander writes: “Personally […]

A reader sent along this link to an article about an Iowa couple dedicated to helping a New Mexico school: Some might be heading west on a family vacation, but for Bob and Tess Thompson their trip will be a […]

Several items: From AsiaNews: 50 years of the CPCA: The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) will celebrate 50 years on August 2. Some 5,000 people have been invited for the occasion, but quite a few of the would-be guests will […]

Some people are a little confused by Kansas City Catholic’s conversing church signs. Are they real? Virtually – Make your own via the Church Sign Generator And generator more with the scores of toys that you can find via the […]

As seen in downtown Fort Wayne today:

No, not Catholic Answers, but The Catholic Answer – the OSV publication edited by Paul Thigpen. An apologetics question (and answer) of the day.