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My friend from Phoenix writes with this, inviting your prayers:

A Planned Parenthood Clinic caught on fire shortly after our blessed Bishop’s Christmas Eve Rosary at the site.  The fire was not arson. The clinic staff shared the facts of the fire with investigators as is standard when this type of thing occurs.  The fire began in the office of the director, destroying all his degrees and memorabilia from his career.  Within the last month or so, the same director was told he is suffering from advanced, incurable cancer.   He could die any day.  He has a blog, which his son is typing for him now, as he is too weak.  Unfortunately, it is not appropriate for general viewing, or I would list it. 

Everyone in Phoenix who knows about the situation is praying and making sacrifices for this man.  He is not a Christian.  Knowing his soul is precious to God, we fear he may despair as the end approaches.  I am just wondering if this is something you think your readers might want to pray for during this Lent.  His name is Joseph.  For 25 years, he ran a clinic where the death toll is 300 dead babies a month.  On Christmas Eve, we counted 17 women entering the clinic, just during the hour we were there.  We are praying he comes to know the Mercy of God.   The Divine Mercy Chaplet, ( ) is a great way to pray for the dying when you cannot be with the person.

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