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Dave Hartline of the Catholic Report just got back from some speaking and meeting in California, has a report and some photos. Among others, Dave met with Eduardo Verastegui, Lead Actor & Producer of the film many are so excited about, Bella.

Unrelated, but perhaps this will turn into a catch-all post: at Ignatius Insight, an account of the PNAC soccer team (recently competing in the Clericus Cup, of course)

They have everything a soccer team could want.

The veteran of international athletic competition in goal, who uses every inch of his body and every ounce of his energy as a mere means to frustrate the hopes of every would-be scorer; the strategic mind and skillful play of a player/coach of European pedigree and New Jersey toughness; the wily veteran defender from the South with two bad ankles and a bad knee, but one huge heart, which never fails him in making the stop on defense; the break-neck intensity of the lighting-fast renegade from North Dakota, who once trained for the U.S. Olympic Development program; the flashy superstar/coach from Boise, Idaho, by way of Michoacan, Mexico, who once scored from midfield in Roman competition and who gave up a possible career in professional soccer in Mexico to respond to the call to the priesthood; and a supporting cast that leaves them without weakness at any position on the field.

And yet, for the Pontifical North American College, participation in the Vatican-sponsored Clericus Cup, an international soccer tournament for priests and seminarians in Rome, will be a lesson in the underdog treatment to which American soccer has become accustomed.

"I’m not sure who people are talking about, but I know it isn’t us," said Daniel O’Mullane, seminarian of the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, and co-coach of the NAC soccer team, which will play its first game of the Cup this Saturday morning against the Pontifical Urbanian University. "I don’t mind surprising people right up until the day we are playing for the trophy. Hopefully we’ll be the talk of the town a month or so from now when we have played a handful of games."


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