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From Zenit: Archbishop Chaput: The U.S. immigration problem is systemic. Attacking the symptoms — in this case, undocumented workers in a meatpacking plant — does nothing to address the root cause, which is economic. Some 40 million abortions and billions […]

If you’re headed to the Cincinnati Men’s Fellowship conference on Saturday, look for Michael. He’ll be manning an OSV booth, and will sign any books that you bring him. That he wrote. He won’t be selling the books (he’ll be […]

From a Franciscan in Rome: In my free time, I lend a hand doing translation work for "Totus Tuus," the monthly magazine publish by the Office of the Postulation of the Cause for the Beatification and Canonization of the Servant […]

…for San Diego: Following a failed final attempt at settling clergy-abuse claims, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego filed for Chapter 11 protection just before midnight last night, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.  The filing makes San […]

Dave Hartline of the Catholic Report just got back from some speaking and meeting in California, has a report and some photos. Among others, Dave met with Eduardo Verastegui, Lead Actor & Producer of the film many are so excited […]

Mike Aquilina has written a book – not about patristics (although we can trust the Fathers figure in their somehow) – but on family life. Sounds lovely! The other Michael is on another tear through another Russian – this time […]

Three years ago at Notre Dame, as an alternative to the VMonologues, a group of students came up with the idea of a conference inspired by the thought and witness of Edith Stein, "promoting the development of the new feminism." […]

An…unusual priest in Detroit: Samonie says he saw Christ. It was on an early November evening in 1970 at St. Bernadette in Dearborn. Samonie was walking up a side aisle when he saw him — a bright light blocking the […]

No really – thank you. From that same thread at PRF: Teresa Benedetta translates a bit from Sandro Magister’s blog (which I vote for just officially translating into English along with Magisters’s other pieces at his site..why not?) in which […]

Scroll down on this thread on the Papa Ratzinger Forum to read accounts of the first two days of the Papal retreat: Day one: o The existence of an invisible world, which implies the presence of divine creatures ignored and […]