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As the Primates’ meeting in Dar es Salaam approaches, a couple of links (beside the usual) that might be helpful in unpacking the journey these folks have been on: A timeline of crucial events leading up to this point. Although […]

Edward Oakes at First Things about playing fast and loose with terminology: First of all, I wish to stress that I am not trying to ban the word heresy by Catholics when speaking of Protestants out of some wishy-washy ecumenical […]

The Archdiocese of Toronto has its new Archbishop, Thomas Collins, installed yesterday. That link takes you to the Archdiocesan page, with links to a lot of things, including video of the Mass and his homily. It’s quite beautiful, actually, using […]

The Pope, in today’s General Audience: Saints also disagreed among themselves and holiness does not imply not making mistakes, but rather is one’s capacity to convert and repent, to start all over, as the lives of some of Saint Paul’s […]

Of interest: Fr. Dwight Longenecker has started providing podcasts of his homilies A longtime commentor here, John Bianco, died suddenly at the age of 32. Pray for him and his fiancee. Check out the new blog from the PhatMass guy, […]

A Quebec village lays out some ground rules: A sign at the entrance of this rural Quebec town says: Herouxville welcomes you. Unless, that is, you plan on stoning a woman to death, sending your kids to school with a […]

Nice story about a newly-professed Poor Clare: Sister Ishmael describes her feelings about her decision as a "deep and abiding" joy. "I had a full life. I was happy with what I was doing," she said. "When God gives the […]

An odd story. We will not say nuns on the run. We will not say nuns on the run: A group of Greek nuns abandoned their convent and went into hiding after running up debts of more than 600,000 euros […]

…this thread’s for you! In honor of our continuing recognition of Catholic Schools Week, let’s listen to the Catholic school teachers, from K-12 (or college), of religion or any subject. It’s said if you are talking about education, parents will […]

…of Malta. As Dale Price says of this: Terry McAuliffe, (former DNC chair) unapologetic defender of partial birth abortion, is about to be honored for his selfless devotion to and efforts on behalf of the Catholic Faith by being admitted […]